Oyster Yacht Design SD

Better by Design

Yacht Design

Over the last 45 years, Oyster yacht design has given sailors confidence to set sail on the longest voyages, to share adventures and fulfill dreams. We believe excellent bluewater sailboat design is a pre-requisite to building good yachts. Quality is assured, driven by our commitment to learn and innovate from everything we do. Each yacht is handcrafted to the highest standards from bow to stern. Safety is paramount; we know many of our owners rely on us to keep their family safe at sea in any conditions, so Oyster yacht design has safety embedded at its very core.

Effortless performance

Humphreys Yacht Design – one of Britain’s longest established sailing yacht design businesses – is behind the effortless Oyster performance. Every detail from hull lines to foil design and rig configurations use the latest technology and intuitive solutions are informed by Humphreys’ experience. Our determination to be innovative means we never ask customers to try anything we have not tested ourselves.

Lloyd’s Register certified

Oyster yachts are now even safer and more robust than ever before. All Oyster hulls boast resin infused bulk heads and a carbon frame for extreme strength. This provides major advantages when it comes to longevity and ultimate durability of the hull.

Our yachts below the 24m load line conform to the EU RCD II (European Recreational Craft Directive) regulations and also comply with the Lloyd’s Register SSC (Special Service Craft) rules.

Each yacht is inspected by a Lloyd’s Register surveyor once a week during moulding, before issuing an LR Moulding certificate on completion. This validates our hulls and decks, ensuring all materials, resins and the build process meet Lloyd’s exacting standards.

The Oyster difference

Oyster yachts are the result of over 45 years of hard work and commitment by generations of exceptionally skilled master craftsmen and women. Hand-built and finished, every last detail is meticulously considered and tested to meet the demands of our owners – sailors who rely on Oyster to perform in the most challenging conditions the ocean can throw at them. As a result, our approach and attention to detail have earned Oyster the enviable reputation as the sailor’s sailboat.