Take the voyage of a lifetime.


A fully supported circumnavigation of the world, visiting the most remote and beautiful destinations on the planet.


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A unique opportunity – engaging, enriching and empowering: this is the ultimate sailing adventure.

Oyster World Rally
Oyster World Rally

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Join the ultimate circumnavigation and sail around the world

This is an exclusive opportunity to sail around the world in a non-competitive rally, with the added reassurance of a professional support team and the camaraderie of fellow yachtsmen and women.

Planned on first-hand experience
After the success of the 2013-14 and 2017-19 events, future rallies are set to deliver yet more breathtaking experiences. The route covers 27,000 nautical miles, crossing three oceans over 16 months, exploring the world's finest cruising grounds. Planned around global weather patterns and our knowledge and expertise, you will have lots of time to experience each stopover.

Oyster support and service
Oyster’s renowned levels of support and service are key to the Oyster World Rally. The Oyster World Rally support team works with you from the moment you sign up, offering help and advice on everything, from choosing the perfect Oyster yacht to full training and preparation before setting sail. The team travels ahead of the fleet and offers an extraordinary depth of technical expertise and local knowledge at each stopover


The Oyster World Rally is a modern-day voyage of exploration that will hone and develop your sailing skills and fuel your sense of adventure every day with unforgettable experiences.

Get closer to nature
Visiting many places only accessible by boat, you will discover oceans teeming with life. Hike in jungles, climb mountains and discover impressive hidden waterfalls and witness the most spectacular sunrises, sunsets and skyscapes imaginable.

Change your worldview
Perhaps the most unexpected part of the Oyster World Rally is what the experience teaches you about yourself and how you see the world. You will challenge yourself and learn new skills enroute with owners and crews returning from the Oyster World Rally having forged lifelong friendships in shared adventures.

Discover new cultures and history
Enroute, you will meet amazing people from different cultures, opening your mind to new ideas and possibilities. Immerse yourself deeper into the communities and relish the great opportunity to give back, by gifting writing packs, books and reading glasses to people who really appreciate them.

The Oyster World Rally is a true voyage of discovery, packed with life-changing experiences. The Oyster team acts as your global concierge service, helping you get the most from every day wherever you are. Our depth of research, experience and insider knowledge makes each stopover relaxing, informative and unforgettable.

Highlights of the route
The rally route takes you to some of the most engaging destinations, including the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia and Fiji, as well as northern Australia, Cape Town and Salvador in Brazil. Every stopover is reached by unforgettable bluewater passages.

Good times await
As well as sailing adventures and new experiences, we organise all kinds of events en route – from learning to cook with rum in Antigua to a dingy safari in Fiji and canoe racing in Tahiti, making some great memories.

Safety and reassurance all the way
There is great reassurance in sailing around the world with a fleet. Everyone’s personal safety is always our primary concern. The Oyster World Rally guide is a mine of information, including guidance on complex local customs and immigration regulations in remote destinations.

There are so many special moments on the world rally, you had to pinch yourself sometimes to know it was real. It’s a life changing experience – the people you meet, the remote places you visit. You will never get there as a tourist.
Harvey and Sue Death – Oyster 575 Safiya
Oyster World Rally 2017-19
It is one of the most amazing things I’ve done in my life and I would do it all again. The connection with other boats and people, the places we saw that I would never ever in my life have gone to, it is wonderful.
Sussane Lock – Oyster 54
Oyster World Rally 2013-14
We discussed that in later life we would do the Oyster World Rally, but as we learnt more about it, we realised this is something we could do now. Being novices wasn’t a problem, with two professional crew on board, and Oyster World Rally support team with us all the way, we just said: ‘what are we waiting for’.
Leo Eccles – Oyster 655 Man Of War
Oyster World Rally 2022-23
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Oyster Yachts Services Man Electrics Yachts Skilled
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Prepare for adventure

The Oyster World Rally is organised exclusively for Oyster owners. Our team will be delighted to help you choose the perfect model for your needs, whether it is a new luxury sailing yacht or a wonderful pre-owned Oyster.

In terms of skills required, at least one member of each crew completing the full circumnavigation must complete their RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory (with RYA Yachtmaster offshore recommended), MCA Medical First Aid at Sea (MFA) (4-day course) and SSB/Long Range Radio operator’s course/licence. All crew must complete a Sea Survival Course within 12 months of the start. We encourage everyone to join us for our pre-rally seminars and courses to make sure each yacht is fully prepared.

There are limited places on this fully supported circumnavigation of the world, which are in great demand. So get in touch now to make sure you do not miss out on the voyage of lifetime.

To register your interest, request further details and an information pack, please get in touch with the rally team. Register below or call +44-023-8083-1000


From pre-event training and rally logistics through to technical and after sales support, we will be with you every step of the way, so you will enjoy a safe and memorable adventure.

The Logistics Team
Our highly experienced Logistics teamwork with you as soon as your entry is accepted. The team will answer any questions, offer advice and help skippers and crews get any training needed. They liaise with local agents at each major destination, find berthing in marinas, organise canal transits in Panama and manage clearance and immigration documentation. 

The Technical team
Our Technical team knows our yachts inside out and bring unrivalled expertise with their knowledge of engineering, electrical and mechanical systems. They will greet the fleet at all major destinations to help owners make sure everything is shipshape for the next leg.

The After Sales team
Our legendary After Sales team supply all the spares, tools, charts, nautical publications and general goods likely to be required. They will also make sure any parts requested are ready on arrival at the next destination. No other yacht builder offers such complete peace of mind, whether your yacht is three months old or has been on the water for over forty years.

The extensive Oyster World Rally training programme prepares you, your yacht and crew for this exciting adventure. Our long-standing relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers and organisations give you access to the best equipment and training available. Our team and partners will always go the extra mile to make sure you are ready for anything and everything en route.

Training programme
The Oyster World Rally offers an extensive  training programme to prepare you and your yacht for the adventure of a lifetime. We cover a wide range of topics including yacht preparation, ocean navigation and weather, onboard systems, downwind sailing techniques, safety and sea survival training, medical training, SSB/Long Range Radio Operators Course and yacht provisioning

All participants get a copy of the extensively-researched Oyster World Rally Guide, a digest of all we have learned from sailing around the world. With 500+ pages of comprehensive, up-to-date information, it is an indispensable everyday guide for the voyage.


Join Formula 1 legend Eddie Jordan as he relives his voyage of a lifetime on the Oyster World Rally.


A collaboration for change

We are committed to driving positive change to protect our precious oceans and those who live around them and rely on them.

Partnering for change

The Oyster World Rally provides a unique opportunity to make a positive impact, which is why we partner with Sea Mercy, Sailors for the Sea and other organisations to do what we can to preserve the rally route and experiences along it for future generations. Everyone who enters can take part in one of the many programmes to support local communities and help protect our oceans.

Driving change

The Oyster World Rally has teamed up with organisations that are passionate about saving our seas and protecting the marine environment. We will do everything we can to look after our oceans. To find out more about our different partners, their projects and the positive impact they are having, read on.

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The world’s most stunning destinations

The Oyster World Rally takes you to the most remote and beautiful destinations on the planet, whilst combining the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds.

Bora Bora Oyster World Rally Destinations Clear Sea Huts
Bora Bora
Southern Indonesia Oyster World Rally Destinations Island
Southern Indonesia
Cape Town Oyster World Rally Destinations View
Cape Town
Fernando De Noronha Oyster World Rally Destinations Sea
Fernando De Noronha
Galapagos Islands Oyster World Rally Destinations Iguana
The Galápagos Islands


Inspiring stories and adventures

Oyster 565 Luxury Yacht Sailing Fiji Sunset
Skippers' Tips
Running a new boat and managing expectations
For skipper Fabian Fisahn and his wife Daniela, the Oyster World Rally started at a brisk pace as they got to grips with a brand new boat, Oyster 565 Infinity.
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Oyster 66 Archaeopteryx Sailing Bluewater
Skippers' Tips
Team work and spreading the load
Join yachting journalist Matt Sheahan for an exclusive interview series with skippers from the Oyster World Rally 2022-23. In this first chapter, Skipper Catherine Verdon tells us about her rally adventure on board Oyster 66 Archaeopteryx.
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Sailing Agulhas Current D
Oyster Life
Sailing the Agulhas Current: A mighty force of nature
To reach Cape Town from the east, circumnavigators must face the mighty Agulhas Current, notorious for producing some of the world’s biggest waves. But with support, expert advice and patience it can be an exhilarating ride.    
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Oyster 675 Seabird Sailing
Oyster Life
Oyster 675 long-term review
Respected sailing journalist Matthew Sheahan caught up with Michael Hutchison, owner of Oyster 675 Seabird, to find out how the yacht is performing after several months at sea on the Oyster World Rally 2022-23.
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Frequently asked

Do you have to own an Oyster Yacht to take part?

Yes, you must own an Oyster Yacht to enter. If you are not yet an owner, we would be delighted to build you a new boat or help you find a brokerage Oyster.

Can you charter an Oyster Yacht for the Oyster World Rally?

We do not allow chartered yachts to enter the Rally, you must own your Oyster yacht.

Can I join for a section of the rally?

The Oyster World rally is an event that sails around the world. All entries must sign up for the whole rally.

How much does it cost to join the rally?

The rally entry fee is calculated according to the length of your yacht. Details of costs can be found in the Notice of Event.

Is there a minimum size limit to participate?

Yes, due to event logistics and average yacht speed, the minimum yacht length that can enter the Oyster World Rally is 45 feet.

When does the next rally start?

The next Oyster World Rally sets sail on 14 January 2024 from Antigua.

Do you offer any pre-rally training?

Yes, once your entry has been accepted, there is an extensive pre-rally training programme run by our events team and suppliers, as well as regular interactive meetings and social get-togethers.

How long is the Oyster World Rally?

The World Rally lasts for 16 months and is designed to make the most of global weather and wind patterns.

Do you offer support at all the major stopovers?

Yes, a member of each of the Technical and Logistics team will greet the fleet at all major destinations, offering services and support.

Is Oyster’s support team included in the cost?

Yes, Oyster’s dedicated support team is included in the entry fee and they will be on hand to help you from the moment you sign up, to the day you become a circumnavigator.

How many Oyster World Rallies have there been?

Oyster have run three successful World Rallies in 2013, 2017 and 2022. There are future rallies scheduled for 2024 and 2026.