With our rapidly expanding database of quality sailing yacht crew candidates and our continuous contact with all our current Oyster sailing yacht crews, we have our fingers right on the Oyster Crew pulse. Many candidates contact us because they really want to work on an Oyster yacht. They know it is a great career move with good long-term prospects within the fleet.  

But we know there’s a balance to be struck. As every sailing crew job is different, we take great care to listen and fully understand what an owner is looking for in their sailing yacht crew, rather than simply handing out CVs for endless crew hopefuls. We spend time thoroughly checking our Oyster Crew candidates and will only forward a small selection of CVs that we feel are suited to your boat and your family. 

To become Oyster Crew, we ensure all sailing yacht crew candidates are interviewed face-to-face where possible, with thorough reference and qualification checks so we can make an informed evaluation of their personality, capabilities, and suitability.

Charlie Durham

Crew Co-ordinator
[email protected] +34 619 147 056

Charlie first met Oyster in 2002 as crew on an adventurous world-cruising Oyster 66 alongside husband Mark. Several years working on Med-Caribbean luxury charter sailing yachts gave her a rounded insight into the luxury yachting and crewing industry. She now runs the Oyster Crew service helping both Oyster Owners and potential crew candidates in their search for crew or employment on Oyster yachts.

Charlie Durham v2
Charlie Durham v2

Sailing Yacht Crew

Oyster Sailing Yacht Crew Member at Work

Oyster Crew is just one of the bespoke yacht services that our Oyster owners can benefit from.
We want to place the right sailing yacht crew on your boat the first time around. Therefore, the more we know about you and your yacht, the easier the process will be to find crew to suit your requirements.  

We spend time getting to know our Oyster crews and will only forward suitable CVs to you. Sailing yacht crew are interviewed face to face where possible so we can make an informed evaluation of their personality and capabilities. In many cases, we will know the candidates from previous positions on Oyster sailing yachts, so it is quite likely that we know your Oyster Crew before you even start looking for them!

All Oyster sailing yacht captains meet the strict requirements for cover enforced by Pantaenius Yacht Insurance, saving you time further down the line.

Sailing Yacht Jobs

Oyster Sailing Yacht Jobs

Here at Oyster Yachts, we are always on the lookout for sailing yacht crew to work on our crewed sailing yachts. Our crewed fleet ranges from 57 feet to 125 feet, with sailing yacht jobs offered aboard both private and chartered Oysters. 


We look forward to meeting new enthusiastic sailing crew suitable for our growing fleet of Oyster yachts and Oyster owners; we want to place you on the right yacht, in the right sailing yacht job, so getting to know you is a very important part of the recruitment process.  

If you think the Oyster Crew life would suit you, please register your details online and remember to keep your profile updated. Please ensure you read our terms and conditions carefully before submitting your registration form.

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MLC 2006

Oyster Sailing Yacht Crew Member

Oyster Crew is an MCA-certified Recruitment and Placement Agency. The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) is an International Labour Organization convention established in 2006 to provide a set of international standards for seafarers, including sailing yacht crew. It outlines seafarer's rights to decent conditions of living and working onboard including employment agreements, hours of work or rest, payment of wages, paid annual leave and repatriation. We work within these MLC guidelines to ensure that our sailing yacht crew are fully aware of their rights as a professional seafarer. 

In accordance with MLC 2006, Oyster Crew charges no fee to seafarers for the service nor do we operate a blacklist to prevent qualified seafarers from gaining employment.

MLC Certificate

Oyster Crew: Candidate Terms and Conditions

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Oyster Crew: Complaints Procedure

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Oyster Crew: MLC 2006 Certificate

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Oyster Crew: Example Seafarer's Agreement

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Oyster Crew Client Terms and Conditions

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