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Finding the perfect crew for your Oyster isn’t always easy. That’s why more and more owners come to us. We’ve built a reputation on assurance and quality, with the expertise of sourcing superior candidates and providing rewarding experiences for owners and crews.



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A seamless process

We do the legwork for you – filtering candidate applications and then sending you the most suited, who have been interviewed, reference and qualification-checked. We've developed a reliable and consistent approach to supplying the right individuals for your crewed sailing holidays.

Keeping everyone happy

Finding the right match is crucial for owners and crews, so we will never put unsuitable candidates forward to make up numbers. We listen carefully to what you and the crew are looking for and use our experience to create the perfect match, which means we’re more likely to get it right first time.

Constant communication

Our crews are part of the family and we talk to them on a daily basis wherever they are in the world. So we can take care of any issues quickly and find replacements if needed.

Oyster Sailing Yacht Crew Member at Work


  • Provide free, expert advice on hiring crew
  • Keep a close relationship with our Oyster crews
  • Listen carefully to owners requirements to find a good crew match
  • Access to a targeted Oyster Crew database
  • Conduct face to face crew interviews
  • Thorough reference and qualification checks
  • Can conduct police checks for peace of mind
  • Annual Oyster Crew Salary Survey
  • Provide Pantaenius approved Captains
  • Crew Warranty
Oyster Sailing Yacht Crew Member

MLC 2006

Oyster Crew is an MCA-certified Recruitment and Placement Agency. The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) is an International Labour Organization convention established in 2006 to provide a set of international standards for seafarers, including sailing yacht crew. It outlines seafarer's rights to decent conditions of living and working onboard including employment agreements, hours of work or rest, payment of wages, paid annual leave and repatriation. We work within these MLC guidelines to ensure that our sailing yacht crew are fully aware of their rights as a professional seafarer.

In accordance with MLC 2006, Oyster Crew charges no fee to seafarers for the service nor do we operate a blacklist to prevent qualified seafarers from gaining employment.

MLC Certificate

Oyster Crew: Candidate Terms and Conditions

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Oyster Crew: Complaints Procedure

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Oyster Crew: MLC 2006 Certificate

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Oyster Crew Client Terms and Conditions

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