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When they say you’re never alone on an Oyster, it’s true. When you buy an Oyster, you are becoming the owner of more than just a yacht, whether it is a new or brokerage model. As part of the Oyster family, you have the reassurance that our exceptional After Sales and Support team will look after you throughout your time as an owner.

Wherever you are in the world, you are only a satellite phone call away from one of our expert teams who will do everything they can to resolve any issue. They will guide you through any on-the-fly repairs and arrange to get your parts delivered to your chosen destination as soon as possible. One owner described our service as “...the best After Sales service unit in the yachting industry”. It is an accolade we aim to live up to every day, wherever you are in the world.

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A comprehensive international service network

Deep Oyster Know-How

Based in the UK, our After Sales department is the nerve centre of Oyster. We hold files for every Oyster ever built and as a result, we have a clear idea of the kinds of issues that owners need help with and how to resolve them. So if you need a part, from a hinge to a new rig, we can locate the exact item and ship it to you anywhere in the world, as part of our luxury yacht services.

Our Services

Our luxury yacht service covers parts and spares along with technical support and advice. For new and existing owners, we have everything you need to enjoy sailing your Oyster. From galley equipment and linen to safety kit. We hold recommended spares lists to suit your yacht and style of sailing. And we provide owner support throughout the Oyster World Rally, with spares and technical back-up before, during and after the voyage.

After Sales Team

Our team is made up of former Oyster boat builders, yacht owners and sailors. Our technical team is always on hand to provide technical support and advice and their comprehensive knowledge is an essential part of our service. Our team works closely, sharing years of knowledge and familiarity with Oysters to find an effective solution.

A comprehensive international service network

All services

We are perfectly placed to help facilitate any of the following services for owners at any time:
  • Parts & Spares
  • Oyster Merchandise
  • Technical support and advice
  • Engineering support and advice
  • Oyster World Rally support
  • Crew clothing
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All services
Thank you so much for your support, as always it is wonderful having Oyster Aftersales support! It truly makes owning an Oyster a true joy in my life!
Oyster 55/19 Botany Bay

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The legendary Oyster After Sales was one of the key drivers behind me buying an Oyster and now I have worked closely with them in supporting Uhuru’s circumnavigation, they are the reason my next purchase will be another Oyster. They bring order and simplicity to the complex task of maintaining a yacht underway in far-flung locations and are my lifeline when we need parts in an emergency.
Uhuru Oyster 62/20