A collaboration for change

We are committed to driving positive change to protect our precious oceans and those who live around them and rely on them.

Partnering for change
The Oyster World Rally provides a unique opportunity to make a positive impact, which is why we partner with Sea Mercy, Sailors for the Sea and other organisations to do what we can to preserve the rally route and experiences along it for future generations. Everyone who enters can take part in one of the many programmes to support local communities and help protect our oceans. Your commitment will make a real difference.

Driving change
The Oyster World Rally has teamed up with organisations that are passionate about saving our seas and protecting the marine environment. We will do everything we can to look after our oceans. To find out more about our different partners, their projects and the positive impact they are having, read on.

We know the future of the oceans is in our hands. We all rely on clean, healthy waters and the wind for our enjoyment, so looking after the ocean is vital.

Our yachts are the ultimate hybrid, putting those who sail them in the perfect position to make a real difference. This is just a start – we are committed to further improve our impact on the environment everywhere our yachts visit.

We have already made Oyster World Rallies and Regattas more sustainable, working with new partners and initiatives including Green Boating and Clean Regattas.

By collaborating with more partners, the Rally fleet can make a bigger impact by thoughtful provisioning, reducing environmental impact by managing waste and what goes into the ocean, and using green cleaning products. They will also work with local conservation partners and run monthly beach clean-ups. We aim to protect vulnerable ecosystems in places like the Galapagos, helping to conserve species, restore habitats and drive sustainable solutions.

As well as looking after the oceans, the Rally is an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people in remote places. The fleet carries eye kits and will hold eye clinics at various destinations, as well as distributing glasses and solar lamps.

The Oyster World Rally and participating owners have teamed up with organisations that are passionate about saving our seas and the marine environment. Together, we are determined to do all we can to help restore and protect our oceans for future generations.

Our partners include Sea Mercy; Sailors for the Sea; The GOES Foundation; Galapagos Conservation Trust; Ecoworks; Oceanic Society and Alliance to End Plastic Waste. Working with these organisations, we are already making a huge difference by engaging, educating and activating the sailing and boating community to protect our oceans’ health. We believe that every little change can drive real change.

Our partners all share our outlook and high standards and are deeply committed to change. Together, we will make a positive impact and we are always open to work with new partners to amplify the positive change we already make. Learn more about our Rally partners and their involvement on the 2022-23 Rally.

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Making a difference


Our partners


Rally Stories

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Rally Webinar Series

Prepare, learn and get insights into destinations, essential sailing topics and amazing experiences on the Oyster World Rally.

Oyster World Rally Webinar Yachts Sailing Anchored Beautiful Destination 3

Weather expert, Chris Tibbs provides invaluable insights on the expected sailing conditions along the route of the next Oyster World Rally, including the Panama Canal, Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

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The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal transit is an unforgettable experience. Hear about the experiences of the Oyster World Rally Team and previous members of the fleet and learn how to prepare your yacht for the Canal transit.

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Oyster World Rally Webinar Yachts Sailing Anchored Beautiful Destination 4
Galápagos Islands

Exploring the Galápagos is one of our favourite parts of the Oyster World Rally. Hear from the Rally team and previous participants who have experienced the marvels of the multitudes of marine species the islands have to offer.

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French Polynesia Webinar Beautiful Destiation Mountain Looking Over Sea 2
French Polynesia

Join us as we outline the 3000nm ocean passage, sailing the Galápagos to the Marquesas Islands and French Polynesia. We look at all the highlights and answer all your questions.

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Tahiti, Fiji and Vanuatu

This webinar covers the passage from French Polynesia to the Vava'u group in Tonga. Discover our five top tips for safe coral reef navigation and hear insights on each archipelago’s cruising grounds.

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This live webinar includes a discussion about what makes the Oyster World Rally a once-in-a-lifetime' experience. We reveal our top five must-visit locations in Indonesia and chat live with participants of the 2017-19 Rally. As always there is a Q&A with the team.

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Australia Webinar Beach Palma Trees Yachts 2
Explore the diverse east coast of Australia

A preview of the Vanuatu to Mackay passage, where we visit Mackay, Whitsundays, Cairns (including the Great Barrier Reef) and Darwin. Hear first-hand experiences of an Oyster circumnavigator, while our experts answer audience questions.

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