A journey of adventure

Every voyage on an Oyster yacht has the potential to be a life-changing experience. For many people, myself included, sailing an Oyster for the first time opens the door to a whole new world.

Having sailed different models from various yacht companies over the years, I chartered my first Oyster in 2013 and I’ve been bluewater sailing on these amazing yachts for many years since – most recently on my own Oyster 885, Lush. After taking the helm of Oyster Yachts in 2018, I’m hugely proud of how far we have come as a yacht manufacturer – together we are building something great.

Much as owning an Oyster is a true privilege, owning the business is all that and more – a responsibility I take very seriously. I am personally committed to staying ahead of the best yacht brands and continuing to develop, build and support what I believe are the world’s finest bluewater cruising yachts. Our sailing yachts have an undeniable strength in their DNA that flows through their build quality and the world-class support we offer our owners through Oyster Sailing Services. Yacht companies like ours make life-enhancing and life-changing adventures possible for our passionate, international family of owners.

People are at the heart of Oyster: those who imagine, design and build these exceptional deck saloon yachts, and those who own and love them. Together, they make everything we do as yacht manufacturers possible. Not surprisingly, we think of ourselves as a tight-knit family, supporting and inspiring each other with the adventures we go on, the tales we tell and the lasting memories we make.

I hope you will join us and discover what makes Oyster one of the world’s best yacht brands and gives it such a special place in our hearts before you set sail on your own amazing adventures.


Fair winds.
Richard Hadida
Chairman and Owner

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The world is yours

On an Oyster the possibilities are limitless, the destination anywhere. This is our inspiration, it’s what drives us.

Pacific Ocean Epic

An Oyster is far more than a yacht, she is a platform to adventure on which lifelong memories are made. Evolved and refined over 50 years, Oyster’s DNA, uncompromising strength of construction, quality and exhilarating performance is driven by sailors’ passion to go farther in luxury, comfort and safety. On an Oyster, the world is yours.

Our Story

Sharing adventures since 1973

For 50 years, Oyster Yachts has created the world’s finest luxury bluewater sailboats, capable of sailing anywhere in the world in complete luxury, comfort and safety.

Oyster Yachts craftmanship building with care v2

Hand-crafted from exceptional materials, each of our deck saloon yachts displays unparalleled attention to detail, making us one of the most reliable yacht brands.

Every inch showcases the incomparable skills of our British master craftsmen and women. Oysters are the best luxury yachts, beyond expectation and built to a different standard. From the very beginning, our mission has been to build an international reputation for high-quality yachts with supreme standards of build and craftsmanship. We never cut corners. We demand only the best materials and most reliable equipment from partners, who share our obsession with building the highest quality sailing yachts – something you sense the moment you step aboard.

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luxury bluewater sailing yacht sailing at sea

Our DNA is rooted in over 20 million bluewater sailing miles and over 90 circumnavigations of the globe.

This real-world experience informs every new model – our yachts are the sailor’s sailboats and our owners, crew and team of experts all help refine every aspect of their design, build and performance. This relentless pursuit of perfection lets us continually evolve and refine our yachts and makes us one of the most reliable yacht brands. As a result, every model in our fleet is capable of sailing safely anywhere in the world. Unlike other sailboat manufacturers, Oyster prides itself on looking after its owners for as long as they own their yacht – something that is unique in our industry. When you invest in an Oyster, you will enjoy our After Sales support and service wherever you are in the world – a service described in sailing circles as ‘legendary’ and designed to make owning your Oyster an effortless pleasure.

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Oyster has grown into a global family, brought together by a deep love of the open sea and the sense of freedom our sailing boats offer.

Oyster owners join us to explore the world on their terms on the best luxury yachts. Every time they set sail they add to their personal store of adventures of a lifetime –whether it’s cruising the Mediterranean, or taking on the ultimate challenge of circumnavigating the planet with the Oyster World Rally. But being part of the Oyster Family means so much more. Our yachts have a unique way of bringing people together – families, friends and other owners. Many have waited years to join the Oyster Family and build their ideal, bluewater sailing yacht. Our owners are a rare breed; they feel privileged to be part of this great family, proud of their unique yachts and excited about their next adventure.

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Oyster Yachts Built for the long haul

As one of the most reliable yacht brands, we have 50 years of experience creating exceptional cruising yachts and life-enhancing experiences.

But we continue to look to the future. We are committed to building something great and growing a sustainable and environmentally responsible business that nurtures the passion of the Oyster family. We continue to invest in our future by introducing new technologies in all our facilities, which work in harmony with the time-honoured crafts that are at the heart of our boats. To meet the demand we have set up a state-of-the-art facility in Hythe, Southampton to build the new 495 and 675.

We have also invested heavily in our design and build approach to enhance build quality while redefining performance and reimagining our yachts’ interiors. Our new generation 50 to 90 foot Oyster sailing yachts are luxurious, comfortable, safe, and stand head and shoulders above the best yacht brands. These are the finest bluewater sailing yachts available – always ready for adventure.

This is what we mean when we say Oyster Yachts are beyond expectation

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Since 1973 we have led the way in designing and handcrafting the world’s finest bluewater cruisers. Read on to discover how our story unfolded…

Oyster Yachts History 2

Oyster founder Richard Matthews launched his first cruiser-racer, the UFO 34, designed by Don Pye of Holman & Pye and built by Landamores in Wroxham, Norfolk. It set the bar for a new breed of yacht. The first Oyster-branded yacht, Oyster 35, was launched in 1978, pioneering the deck saloon, a signature design feature on all our yachts. The company continued to expand the market for performance cruisers with a series of yachts, including the iconic Oyster 80. The style, performance and quality of these yachts evolved in leaps and bounds with each new iteration through more than 50 models.

Oyster Yachts History 1

Early Oysters were designed and built primarily as racing cruisers. Their exceptional seaworthiness and durability meant they rapidly evolved into bluewater cruisers, capable of taking owners around the globe in comfort and safety. As Oyster founder, Matthews says: “cruising fast is a lot more fun than cruising slow!” As new models were launched, existing owners were keen to upgrade, so <Oyster Brokerage> was launched in 1984 – who better to advise on the sale or purchase of pre-owned explorer yachts for sale than those who built her? Over the years we have helped hundreds of owners buy and sell their Oysters.

Oyster History 1

In 1999, Oyster commissioned naval architect Rob Humphrey to design Oyster 53. In 2012, Rob designed the first of the new G6 hulls and decks to deliver a sleeker, more modern appearance, with a wider beam aft to create significantly more space above and below decks while enhancing sailing performance. This ambitious attitude to hull and deck design has proven itself through seven sixth-generation models, which have all continued to evolve including the award-winning Oyster 565, and Oyster 595. This 17-year partnership continues to bear fruit with the launch of the new Oyster 495, designed in collaboration with the Oyster design team.

Oyster History 2

Over the next eight years, Oyster continued to design and build new explorer yachts, including Oysters 575, 625, 675, 745 and our flagship Oyster 885. Oyster Charter was set up in 2005 to offer people the opportunity to enjoy a unique holiday adventure aboard an Oyster. To celebrate the business’s 40th anniversary, the inaugural Oyster World Rally was launched in 2013, with 28 adventurous owners and their yachts completing the voyage, followed by a second edition in 2017. The third Oyster World Rally set sail from Antigua in January 2022, with two more scheduled for 2024 and 2026.

Oyster History 3

In 2018, Richard Hadida became the new owner of Oyster. Bringing significant investment to the table, Richard has overseen the design and launch of the new generation of Oyster explorer yachts, creating more consistency throughout the range. Championing new production techniques, combined with time-honoured British craftmanship, iconic design cues cascaded from larger models have rejuvenated the brand with Oyster 565 and 595 breaking all previous order records. With a growing team of over 600, Oyster continues to go from strength to strength. The company has returned to its roots with the new 50-foot Oyster 495, now in production at our new state-of-the-art facility at Hythe, near Southampton.


Why Oyster?

There are many reasons owners invest in their Oyster yacht. It often comes down to an appreciation of the skill that goes into the build; the strength of construction and finished quality, the adventures she can take them on – the rewards of sailing her and the delight owning an Oyster brings.


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Sailing with purpose

A collaboration for change

The future of the oceans is in our hands and we are committed to becoming the world’s most sustainable yacht business, delivering experiences, and adventures under sail with a positive impact on the planet.

We have a head start – by their nature our yachts are the ultimate hybrid, but we’re committed to doing everything we can to improve their environmental impact and help our owners operate them in a responsible way. By 2030, our ambition is to produce a yacht in the most sustainable manner possible, and one that can be entirely self-sufficient.

We recognise our responsibilities and are taking an ambitious approach to minimise our environmental impact by setting clear and achievable sustainability goals. As part of this, we have reviewed every aspect of our operations to minimise waste, and reduce energy use and plastic consumption, whilst also considering the materials we use to manufacture our yachts.

All the practical actions we are taking, both large and small, when combined will have a material positive impact on our planet and oceans, and help us work towards our primary goal by 2030.

Turtle Swimming

The ultimate circumnavigation.


The Oyster World Rally is an exclusive fully supported circumnavigation of the planet, covering 27,000nm, over 16 months. Engaging, enriching and empowering, we believe it is the ultimate sailing adventure.

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Oyster World Rally