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Meticulous attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship underpin Oyster’s reputation for quality boat building. Hand-built in Norfolk and Southampton, we combine traditional handcrafts with advanced composite technology. Our stringent quality control means each element is finished to absolute perfection. Built to last, our true bluewater cruisers are Lloyds’s Register and DNV-GL certified for strength, safety and peace of mind.

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The Oyster difference

Laminate resin hull and deck shell

Our hull and deck shells are manufactured from Oyster ‘custom’ laminate, which is carefully specified using unidirectional, bi-axial, tri-axial and quadri-axial fabrics, selected specifically to respond to localised stress requirements. Above the waterline, the topsides laminate is a high-tech, cored structure providing strength, stiffness and insulation. Below the waterline, the hull features a monolithic (single-skin) composite laminate forward of the aft keel bulkhead, reinforced with stringers and floors. Aft of the keel the hull area has a cored structure. The result is lighter weight, reduced shrinkage and more flexibility, increasing its resistance to micro cracking and fatigue, whilst improving impact resistance to submerged objects.

Gel coat

We use a white NPG resin gel coat which has excellent UV resistance and waterproofing qualities. We apply to its optimum thickness – not too thin that it compromises waterproofing, but also not too thick which makes the surface brittle. Our approach is about the quality of a beautiful moulded surface that weathers the elements and time.

Deck Saloon windows

Our deck saloon glass is UV-rated and [heat resistant] and features an Oyster trade mark front opening window for natural fresh air ventilation.

Deck hardware

Exterior hardware is made from high-grade A4 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance. Loaded and load-bearing items from cleats and pad-eyes to winches, rigging tacks and blocks, are all over specified for true bluewater durability.

Mast spars and rigging

Oyster yachts are designed for global cruising, with high stability and ballast ratio characteristics. They feature larger-diameter rigging for maximum stability. We only partner with the world’s finest spar makers either in painted or anodised high-grade aluminium or carbon.

Beautiful hardwoods

Oyster Yachts interiors feature hardwoods all individually selected by expert suppliers from sustainable sources. We select the finest examples from the highest quality timber with minimal flaws and knots which helps us avoid waste and make sure each piece is perfectly finished the first time with appropriate grain matching and minimal wastage.


The material used in saloon seats is specified for extreme comfort and longevity. All upholstery meets UK Fire Regulations – some of the most stringent in the world and above EURCD requirements.

Light fittings

We use the highest quality LED lights throughout Oyster Yachts interiors, as well as in the navigation lights. Our recessed, glare-free spotlights and concealed LED strip lighting are seamlessly colour-tone matched for the perfect ambient lighting mood settings.

Fixtures and fittings

From door hinges and handles to catches and grab handles, everything is specified to the highest quality for smooth operation and extended lifespan. Cabin doors feature soft seals for positive, solid closure.


Our soleboards are hardwood faced onto marine ply with a balance lamination to assist against warping and twisting. They are laid onto rubber gaskets to prevent creaking or movement.


All cabling behind the scenes is named and numbered to make testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance simple, along with any future alterations owners and skippers may wish to make. All exterior cables have tinned cores for anti-corrosion and uncompromised connection. Extensive use of waterproof connectors, both above and below decks significantly extends the lifespan of electrical connections and components.

At its heart, the Oyster 495 is a wonderfully (Humphreys) designed and engineered luxury bluewater cruiser conceived from the ground up, built in a new dedicated facility to a repeatable quality very few yards are capable of.
Toby Hodges, Yachting World


Oyster explorer yachts are specified well-beyond normal requirements.

495 sailing yacht
Seaworthy construction
For your peace of mind, our over-specified design and meticulous build processes ensure every part of your Oyster contributes to its strength and durability.


Engineering sailing yacht
Every system is engineered to the highest standards. Built and tested for reliability and practicality, everything is designed for ease of use and simple maintenance.


provisioning sailing yacht
Provisioned for adventure
From design and build to performance and comfort, Oysters are built with ample tankage, stowage and comfort to make every voyage the perfect adventure.