The joy of ownership

From the moment you invest in an Oyster, we will guide you through the build, commissioning process or purchase when buying a Brokerage Oyster. But it does not end there – you will enjoy our legendary After Sales support and service for as long as you own your Oyster. You also get access to our Charter and crew services and expert servicing, along with exclusive Oyster events, regattas and the Oyster World Rally.

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World-class customer support

Oyster’s approach to after sales and technical support is, in the words of one owner, “…the best After Sales service unit in the yachting industry”.

We have always worked to build our reputation in this area, giving owners the reassurance that our exceptional after sales, technical support and customer care team have got your back, wherever you are in the world. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service for every Oyster regardless of its age or location. With extensive design and build files for every Oyster ever built; we know the kind of issues owners are likely to need help with and how to resolve them. No other yacht builder offers such complete peace of mind, whether your yacht is three months old or has been on the water for almost fifty years.

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Exquisite events and experiences

As an Oyster family member, you also get access to the world of Oyster – from our Charter offering and crew placement to a wealth of services in Palma and service by Oyster experts on both sides of the Atlantic.

You will be invited to all kinds of exclusive events, from gala dinners to our Mediterranean rendezvous and regattas in Antigua and Palma de Mallorca. We are proud to be on hand with technical support at all our own events, as well as at other popular events like the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), where we provide complimentary health checks for all Oyster yachts which take part. And the jewel in the crown – you have the opportunity to join the adventure of a lifetime, the Oyster World Rally, open exclusively to Oyster owners.

The Oyster Palma Regatta 2022
The Oyster Palma Regatta 2022
The legendary Oyster After Sales was one of the key drivers behind me buying an Oyster and they are the reason my next yacht will be another Oyster. They bring order and simplicity to the complex task of maintaining a yacht underway in far-flung locations and are my lifeline when we need parts in an emergency.
James Ashwell, owner Oyster 62/20 UHURU
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Legendary services

Designed for you and your Oyster

With Oyster Service, your yacht will always be shipshape for your next adventure. Our service centres are in Palma, serving the whole Mediterranean; in Newport, Rhode Island, serving the US and the Americas; in Ipswich and Southampton in the UK.

You can be sure your yacht will enjoy a depth and breadth of service that goes further, regardless of its age or condition. Our team has the inside knowledge to help you, with everything from the smallest spare part to a complete refit, and we will resolve things quickly, with no fuss, and to the highest Oyster standards. Wherever you are, we will go over and above to exceed your expectations to make Oyster ownership a unique and pleasurable experience.


Oyster Crew is the effortless way to find the perfect crew.

We have built our reputation by taking care of the smallest details and creating rewarding experiences for owners and crews with support every step of the way.

Many of our team have worked as Oyster Crew themselves. We know to listen carefully to both your requirements and the crew’s, and then find the best match. We aim to get it right the first time, so you can enjoy your adventures with complete peace of mind. Whether you need an experienced Captain-and-Chef couple, an easy-going solo Engineer for an owner/skipper, or an all-rounder Deckhand/Cook for a world cruising itinerary, we have the crew to fit. We have even found Montessori-trained Yacht Masters to help with kids’ onboard schooling and sailor/diving instructors to work with a family of keen divers.


Set up in 2005, we specialise in chartering Oyster yachts on behalf of their owners.

We have arranged over 1,000 charters in that time and our knowledge of these stunning yachts and their crew allows us to offer exclusive private sailing yacht charters in the Caribbean, New England and the Mediterranean.

We will help you choose the right destination, yacht and expert crew for your perfect holiday. For owners, Oyster Charter also offers an effortless way to offset the cost of ownership of your yacht. Chartering her for as little as six to eight weeks a year in the times between your own adventures can significantly offset your running costs.


We are the experts for buying and selling pre-owned Oyster yachts, bringing buyers and sellers together for more than 30 years.

If you are looking to buy a sailing yacht, no other sailing yacht brokerage is better qualified to help you sell or choose the right Oyster.

Our global network works with buyers and sellers. For buyers, a high-quality brokerage Oyster is an excellent alternative to a production yacht of the same price. We can help you understand the complete range and guide you to the best Oyster model for your needs. For sellers, our seamless process harnesses our network, and traditional, digital and social media marketing capabilities. We will promote your yacht at international boat shows and share our listings with established brokerage houses to extend our reach globally and into new markets.  We know many of our customers personally and we have refined our database of pre-owned yachts over 45 years. So, we probably already know the next owner of your yacht.

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The ultimate sailing adventure

The Oyster World Rally is a unique opportunity to set sail on a voyage most people only dream of.

This fully-supported voyage of a lifetime covers a 27,000 nm circumnavigation, taking in some of the most remote and beautiful destinations in the world, many only accessible by boat. Perfectly planned to align with global weather patterns the rally fleet enjoys warm trade winds en route. It allows you to test your skills and take them to another level, but importantly you get to cruise in the best of company – with fellow owners in the Oyster fleet. A comprehensive preparation and training programme sets you up with hands-on practical workshops and classroom lectures and seminars. And our dedicated rally team, all experienced circumnavigators, are behind you every step of the way.

Oyster World Rally
Oyster World Rally
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Oyster 575 Tianelle. 2017-2019 Oyster World Rally