A platform for adventure

Many Oyster owners have set sail far beyond their local cruising grounds, crossing oceans and circumnavigating the globe with the Oyster World Rally. Highly specified and eminently adaptable, an Oyster explorer sailing yacht can take you to the remotest corners of the world effortlessly. These true liveaboard yachts employ beautifully hand-crafted natural materials with today’s modern home comforts, and a sense of luxury throughout.
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Cruising in comfort

Oyster are true bluewater explorer yachts. Designed with exceptional sea-keeping attributes, they are capable of long passages in complete comfort and safety.

Whatever conditions you encounter, from flat calm to heavy head seas, Oysters are built to look after you at all times. Each model is capable of a reliable turn of speed, with the vertical bow creating more waterline length that is constantly working for you. That means consistent and reliable passage making speeds and the miles tick off with ease. The wide beam aft and twin rudders make our new generation yachts stable and surefooted in lively seas; at the same time, they are always direct and agile on the helm, giving you fingertip control even in the heaviest weather. The excellent control and manageable qualities of the steering systems also mean there is less burden on the autopilot over long distances.

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The world awaits

Oysters are equipped for any adventure. Our bluewater cruising DNA is rooted in 50 years’ experience and over 20 million bluewater sailing miles.

Oysters are true bluewater adventure machines, equipped for any voyage, built to withstand the harshest of ocean environments.

Everything you want from explorer yachts is here: large volume hulls to accommodate generous tank capacity, comfortable living space, extensive stowage and a keel-stepped mast form the foundation of every Oyster. Every requirement has been considered and every piece of equipment is intentionally over-specified for an adventure yacht – from major elements of sailing equipment to deck hardware, engineering, through to hull structure and interior materials. The automated sailing systems have a failsafe backup to ensure you are never compromised or at risk. 

Undertaking bluewater adventures requires complete trust in your yacht. Our build quality, strength of the structure is key, which is why our explorer yachts for sale are Lloyds Register and DNV-GL certified for strength and integrity.

Self-sufficiency is an essential feature of adventure yachts. Must-have bluewater liveaboard features smart energy systems mean new generation Oysters are fully connected, comfortable and extremely practical home.

All these factors ensure you have complete confidence in your Oyster’s capabilities as an adventure yacht no matter what conditions you encounter.

Over the decades, practicality and capability have become synonymous with Oyster. At the heart of every Oyster is a comfortable, protected, centre cockpit and helm positions with removable spray hood and bimini – all welcome features on long passages.

The iconic Oyster deck saloon is light and spacious. It enjoys excellent, natural ventilation from the trademark forward-opening saloon windows. It’s a social space with deep comfortable sofas where everyone can come together to relax. The spacious flush decks are clutter-free for safe access when sailing in heavy weather.

Every inch of the large volume hull has been considered for living aboard, daily maintenance and stowage requirements to create the perfect explorer yacht. Extensive stowage allows for ample provision and a wide range of spares to ensure you are ready for any eventuality.

Other signature features include a good-sized chart table, an open u-shaped galley and onboard weather forecasting capability. Multiple downwind sail options for typical bluewater cruising winds and automated sail furling/reefing offer effortless, shorthanded sailing in all conditions.

Connected, comfortable and practical, Oysters are true luxury liveaboard adventure yachts – your home wherever you are in the world.

Every detail has been considered to avoid compromise, making life on board a real pleasure. The living area makes the most of the space with a well-equipped u-shaped galley, intuitive navigation station and well-appointed entertaining spaces. They feature the comforts you expect at home, appliances, connectivity and a high standard of technical specification. A well-planned galley with ample stowage means there is plenty of space for provisions for extended periods at sea. Appliances, like a large fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and icemaker make things comfortable and convenient.  

The generous cabins, quality deep comfortable mattresses, island berths, full-length mirrors and proper en-suites mean you can enjoy living spaces that are relaxed and comfortable. The forward-opening saloon windows, forced-air ventilation and air conditioning offer excellent air circulation below decks and keep you cool or warm as required. At its heart, an Oyster offers the self-sufficiency needed on long ocean passages and remote adventures.


A blended solution


Capturing the power of the sun is an ideal way to keep your batteries charged. Flexible solar panels can be fitted to the bimini, with each panel individually wired so the system captures energy even if parts are in the shade.


Generating and harvesting power on the move is an obvious win for a bluewater cruiser. Watt & Sea hydro generators can be fitted as part of the build or later. They can generate 354 Amps/day on a passage, sailing at an average speed of eight knots.

Lithium-ion batteries

Combining energy generated from natural sources on a daily basis with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries for storage is a cost-effective method of powering systems during the evening. It also allows for longer periods of silent running, reduced generator use and longer intervals between services.

Efficient engines

New generation diesel engines are both powerful and super economical. At a typical cruising speed of 9 knots, the engine is very lightly loaded, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. With large fuel tanks, the engines we use offer excellent range and economy.

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Designed and built to withstand the elements.
Move around safely whatever the occasion and environment.
Safety comes as standard on all Oyster yachts.
Designed to protect you from the elements, keeping you safe and dry.
Advanced sailing technology has been tried and tested at sea.
Designed and built to withstand the elements.
Hull structure

Designed and built to withstand the elements.

The over-specified composite hull is constructed using the highest quality materials to create superior thickness and ultimate durability and integrity.

Move around safely whatever the occasion and environment.
Safety on deck

Move around safely whatever the occasion and environment.

Sturdy, high guard rails enclose the deck, jack stays and grab handles are positioned exactly where you need them.

Safety comes as standard on all Oyster yachts.
Over specified equipment

Safety comes as standard on all Oyster yachts.

We intentionally over-engineer our yachts, with additional materials and over-specified equipment, winches, stays, through to details like lighting and grab handles. As a result, they are more than capable of dealing with the harshest ocean environments.

Designed to protect you from the elements, keeping you safe and dry.
Protected cockpit and helm

Designed to protect you from the elements, keeping you safe and dry.

With excellent visibility over the coach roof and winches easily reached from the helm stations, you never need to leave the cockpit in heavy weather.

Advanced sailing technology has been tried and tested at sea.
Manual override

Advanced sailing technology has been tried and tested at sea.

However, there are times when you will need to take things in hand yourself – all the automated systems onboard feature manual overrides, so you are always in control.