About Mastervolt

Mastervolt’s integrated electrical systems generate, store, convert or manage alternating and direct current.

This is all made possible by high-quality digital switching technology and energy storage using Lithium-Ion batteries, alongside chargers/inverters that are both efficient and user-friendly. Boatbuilders and owners expect the same level of comfort from the maritime electronic equipment onboard that they are used to at home. From the laundry to the latest navigation software, from multimedia systems to heating, cooling and electric cooking, everything must be equally reliable and easy to use.

A bespoke training session with Mastervolt helped the Oyster World Rally 2022-23 owners and crew get familiar with all the many features and benefits of the technology. As they head out on their round the world adventure, they have the added reassurance that Mastervolt dealers are on hand for service and maintenance on every continent and in all major marinas.

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