50 years and counting
As the creator of the finest bluewater sailing yachts, Oyster Yachts has, in half a century, grown from local endeavour to industry leader. Our global footprint is founded as much on our unrivalled levels of service and support as it is on the design and build quality of the finest luxury sailing yachts the world has seen, enjoyed – and, often, coveted. Half a century later our goal remains the same but our yachts are constantly evolving.
Oyster UFO Sailing 6


The mould-breaking 34 foot prototype, UFO II featured innovative design, strength of construction and outstanding levels of craftsmanship. She laid the foundations for half a century of Oyster yachts.

Oyster at 50 495 Sailing D


Fifty years on, the stunning new 495 is the latest addition to the new generation of Oysters. A luxury, bluewater cruiser, half a century of Oyster experience and innovation runs through every inch.

Evolved, refined and finessed over 50 years, today’s fleet remains true to Oyster’s founding principles – pioneering design, uncompromising strength of construction, exhilarating performance, quality finish and unparalleled service.


Today, Oyster Yachts is internationally recognised and respected for its meticulous build quality, supreme performance, go-anywhere luxury yachts, backed up with outstanding customer support.

Oyster Yachts History 2

Oyster founder Richard Matthews launched his first cruiser-racer, the UFO 34, designed by Don Pye of Holman & Pye and built by Landamores in Wroxham, Norfolk. It set the bar for a new breed of yacht. The first Oyster-branded yacht, Oyster 35, was launched in 1978, pioneering the deck saloon, a signature design feature on all our yachts. The company continued to expand the market for performance cruisers with a series of yachts, including the iconic Oyster 80. The style, performance and quality of these yachts evolved in leaps and bounds with each new iteration through more than 50 models.

Oyster Yachts History 1

Early Oysters were designed and built primarily as racing cruisers. Their exceptional seaworthiness and durability meant they rapidly evolved into bluewater cruisers, capable of taking owners around the globe in comfort and safety. As Oyster founder, Matthews says: “cruising fast is a lot more fun than cruising slow!” As new models were launched, existing owners were keen to upgrade, so Oyster Brokerage was launched in 1984 – who better to advise on the sale or purchase of a pre-owned boat than those who built her? Over the years we have helped hundreds of owners buy and sell their Oysters.

Oyster History 1

In 1999, Oyster commissioned naval architect Rob Humphrey’s to design Oyster 53. In 2012, Rob designed the first of the new G6 hulls and decks to deliver a sleeker, more modern appearance, with a wider beam aft to create significantly more space above and below decks while enhancing sailing performance. This ambitious attitude to hull and deck design has proven itself through seven sixth generation models, which have all continued to evolve including the award-winning Oyster 565, and Oyster 595. This 17 year partnership continues to bear fruit with the launch of the new Oyster 495, designed in collaboration with the Oyster design team.

Oyster History 2

Over the next eight years, Oyster continued to design and build new models, including Oysters 575, 625, 675, 745 and our flagship Oyster 885. Oyster Charter was set up in 2005 to offer people the opportunity to enjoy a unique holiday adventure aboard an Oyster. To celebrate the business’s 40th anniversary, the inaugural Oyster World Rally was launched in 2013, with 28 adventurous owners and their yachts completing the voyage, followed by a second edition in 2017. The third Oyster World Rally set sail from Antigua in January 2022, with two more schedule for 2024 and 2026.

Oyster History 3

In 2018, Richard Hadida became the new owner of Oyster. Bringing significant investment to the table, Richard has overseen the design and launch of the new generation of Oyster yachts, creating more consistency throughout the range. Championing new production techniques, combined with time honoured British craftmanship, iconic design cues cascaded from larger models have rejuvenated the brand with Oyster 565 and 595 breaking all previous order records. With a growing team of over 600, Oyster continues to go from strength to strength. The company has returned to its roots with the new 50-foot Oyster 495, now in production at our new state-of-the-art facility at Hythe, near Southampton.


Oyster has been sharing adventures since 1973, with over 100 recorded circumnavigations, destinations visited that other yachts simply cannot reach and lifelong memories made. An Oyster is more than just a yacht, she is a platform to adventure.

Oyster at 50 Hero Image


We welcome Oyster owners to join us to celebrate our 50th Anniversary at special dinners in Antigua, Mallorca and the UK in 2023

Over half a century Oyster yachts has earned its reputation for strength and safety through extreme adventures and over 20 million bluewater sailing miles.


Oysters are true bluewater adventure machines, equipped for any voyage and built to withstand the harshest of ocean environments.

Every Oyster yacht is designed to be a true liveaboard adventure machine, built with meticulous attention to detail to take her owners anywhere in the world. Read about 50 years of inspiring adventure stories from our international family of owners.


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We continue to push the envelope of yacht design and technology, making the Oyster fleet the finest bluewater sailing yachts in the world.

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