About Galápagos Conservation Trust

The Galápagos Conservation Trust aims to protect the vulnerable ecosystems found on the Galápagos by conserving species, restoring habitats and driving sustainable solutions. By supporting pioneering conservation projects and raising awareness of Galápagos conservation both in the UK and in Ecuador, the GCT works to ensure the Islands are preserved for future generations to enjoy. It is the only UK charity working solely for the conservation of the Islands.

Many of the Oyster World Rally team have witnessed the wonders of the Galápagos first-hand, so we understand how important it is to support this important charity.

A couple of boats are working with the GCT by carrying radar trackers onboard to track illegal fishing vessels in Galápagos waters. We have agreed to keep this project private due to the potential security risk it poses as the Oyster Yachts can be tracked themselves. As we get closer to the Galápagos stopover, we hope to be able to organise activities that support the trust we can speak about.

We have spoken to our Galápagos agent about organising a beach clean-up with the fleet.

Galapagos Conservation Trust