Yacht service: getting your sailing yacht ready for the season

A guide to luxury yacht servicing with Oyster Yachts

From water maker and sail checks to winch and engine servicing, this is our guide to yacht service and maintenance that will ensure your readiness for a great season on the water.

Maintain your yacht maintenance log

When taking delivery of their yacht, every Oyster owner receives a maintenance manual and logbook that allows them to easily track their yacht’s maintenance history. The Oyster logbook contains a weekly, monthly, bi-annual, annual, five-year and ten-year servicing checklist which ensures the timely care of the yacht.

Following these time prompts is key to maintaining a healthy and safe sailing yacht, and an updated logbook may also increase the residual value of the yacht if you decide to sell her in the future, as new buyers prioritise well-maintained boats.

We keep records of each yacht’s original plans and build logs, meaning owners can refer to the original specifications and build intentions when commissioning service and refit work.

Maintain your yacht maintenance log

What to expect from your service

No one understands Oysters better than we do, and our Global Service Network provide annual, seasonal and select service options based on your needs.

Annual services comprise in and out the water essential services unique to your yacht, depending on its current condition and plans for the season ahead. The team undertake work including a 100-point manufacturer check and report, safety equipment service and certifying, structure, thru hull fitting and deck fixing checks and more.

Hauling out allows for the application of new antifouling paint and servicing of the rudder, propeller, seacocks and thrusters, as well as being a good time to polish the hull and superstructure.

When visiting the Global Service Network, our service team will create a list of requirements, scoping everything from canvas work to winches, meaning you can set sail for the season confident in the knowledge you are ready to take on anything.

What to expect from your service

What to expect from your pre-season check and annual yacht haul-out

Annual pre-season checks and preparations for an Oyster may include:

  • Sails valeted
  • A visual check of your rigging or official survey of your yacht rig, if in commercial use
  • Engines and generators serviced
  • All systems checked over – e.g. air-conditioning, refrigeration, LPG, electrics, and electronics
  • Annual safety equipment checks

When she’s lifted out of the water for an annual haul-out:

  • Antifouling and polishing
  • Check of the propeller, shaft and cutlass bearings
  • Steering system checks
  • Replacement of anodes
  • Service of seacocks and thrusters
What to expect from your pre-season check and annual yacht haul-out

Where can my sailing yacht be serviced?

Oyster Service Centres are situated in the most popular sailing destinations. In the Mediterranean, Oyster Palma and Oyster Barcelona offer a range of yacht services, repairs and maintenance work.

In the US, Oyster Yachts Newport offers service work from general health checks to emergency repairs and more. In the UK, the Oyster Service Centres in Southampton and Ipswich both offer a broad range of services from refits to annual maintenance and storage.

Everything on your logbook checklist can be carried out by our dedicated teams around the world via our Service Partners in the Global Service Network. Where necessary, we can come directly to you to carry out the required yacht maintenance work.

The Oyster Difference

We understand our yachts and the build process inside out, and our Service work combines in-depth knowledge of each boat, access to trained Oyster technicians, manufacturer’s parts, warranty validation and an up-to-date maintenance log. These factors together have a profound impact on your yacht’s residual value if you decide to sell her in the future.

If you’re not part of the Oyster family, our Service centres are here for you too. Our team of experts are extremely knowledgeable and highly respectful of every kind of boat and have worked on some of the world’s best yacht brands. No matter what you sail, we will endeavour to service your yacht to the highest standards.

Every owner we work with values our trusted team, quality workmanship and unsurpassed reputation to ensure their yacht maintenance is up to date and completed.

To book your Service work, talk to the team here.

Where can my sailing yacht be serviced?

Global Service Network

No one understands Oysters better than we do. Whether you are planning for the voyage ahead, removing uncertainty or ensuring the value of your Oyster, it has never been easier with a choice of tailored Oyster service plans and our Global Service Network.

Annual service


  • In and out of the water essential services
  • Annual engine services
  • Check of structure, thru hull fittings and deck fixings
  • Safety equipment serviced and certified
  • 100-point manufacturer check and report
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Seasonal service


  • Pre-cruising season preparation
  • Sea trial to test systems
  • Decommissioning at the end of the season
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Select service


  • Extended warranty on equipment and systems
  • In and out of the water essential services
  • Service of engine, major equipment and systems
  • Check of structure, rigging, thru hull fittings, deck fixings and safety equipment 
  • 100-point manufacturer check and report
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