About B&G

Designed by sailors for sailors, you can anticipate your every need on the water with B&G® technology. Whether you're sailing with a destination in mind or racing around the world, accuracy and reliability are moulded into our sailing electronics and navigational tools. B&G continues to deliver the most accurate data through autopilots, chart plotters, sensors and processors, tested in the harshest conditions by the world's top sailors.

Options from B&G for Oyster customers include the Zeus 3S and Zeus S sailing chartplotters and Nemesis™ intelligent sailing data displays, and autopilot systems. The range of B&G processors on offer to Oyster owners also allows them to choose the best option for their sailing requirements. Cruisers and small race boats will find the perfect solution in the B&G Triton™ Edge™ processors, while for the more focused racers among the fleet, B&G offers its range of Hercules® advanced sailing processors.

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