Oyster Yachts CEO Richard Hadida

A never ending journey of adventure

I’ve been bluewater sailing on Oyster yachts for many years, including my own Oyster 885 Lush, so I know how special our brand is. Oyster has undeniable strength in the quality of the luxury sailboats we build and the wider Oyster sailing services we offer to support our owners. Since taking the helm in 2018, I’m hugely proud of how far Oyster has come in a relatively short period.

Continuing our mission

Our mission remains simple: to design, build, deliver and support the finest bluewater sailboats, capable of sailing safely anywhere in the world, in comfort and luxury.

Sailing into the future

The Oyster 565 won Bluewater Cruiser of the Year at the British Yachting Awards in 2019 – a pedigree we hope to see repeated with the launch of the Oyster 1225 (the largest yacht in our fleet) and the Oyster 595 in 2020.

A deep sense of community

At the heart of Oyster are our people: those who design and build these deck saloon yachts and those who own and love them. We think of ourselves as a family, inspired by each other, the stories we tell and the adventures we enjoy. I hope you will join us.

Fair winds.
Richard Hadida CEO and Owner

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