Sharing adventures since 1973

Since 1973, British boatbuilder Oyster Yachts has created the world’s finest luxury bluewater sailboats that are beyond expectation. Our new sailing yachts are the ultimate hybrid adventure machines, ranging from 50ft – 120ft, and capable of sailing the world in comfort and safety.

Hand-crafted from exceptional materials, each of our deck saloon yachts displays an unparalleled attention to detail. Every inch showcases the incomparable skills of our British master craftsmen and women.

Our DNA is rooted in over 20 million bluewater sailing miles and over 90 circumnavigations of the globe. We use this experience to refine our yachts and ensure they are capable of sailing safely anywhere in the world, in complete comfort and luxury. Oyster Sailing Services offers unique After Sales support, designed to make owning an Oyster an effortless pleasure.

Oyster has grown into a global family, brought together by a deep love of the open sea and the sense of freedom our sailing boats offer. Every Oyster owner joins us to explore the world on their terms. Every time they set sail they add to their personal store of adventures of a lifetime, whether it’s cruising the Mediterranean, or taking on the ultimate challenge of circumnavigating the globe with the Oyster World Rally.

With over 48 years creating exceptional cruising yachts and life-enhancing experiences behind us, we continue to look to the future. We are committed to building something great that nurtures the passion of the Oyster family in ways that are always beyond expectation.

Oyster Craftmanship

Oyster has built its reputation on the meticulous attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship our craftspeople bring to our yachts. Built and finished by hand in our boatyards in Norfolk and Southampton, we employ traditional hand-skills, side-by-side with the most advanced composite technology. Every process is carefully monitored and our approach to quality control means that nothing leaves the yard unless each element is finished to absolute perfection. When visiting our yards during the build of your Oyster, you will see our craftspeople in action, adding to the deep sense of pride and ownership to be felt when stepping aboard for the first time.



360o design philosophy

Oyster design is guided by the principles of gentle evolution. Our design approach is holistic, bringing together a talented team of naval architects, structural and systems designers, engineers and ergonomic designers, along with styling and interiors experts. We think through every step of the design process in detail, from concept to structural design to finishing touches. In the process, we create bluewater cruising yachts that have Oyster DNA running through them, from stem to stern, delivering the complete Oyster look, feel and performance.


Effortless performance

Humphreys Yacht Design – one of Britain’s longest established sailing yacht design businesses – is behind the effortless Oyster performance. Every detail from hull lines to foil design and rig configurations use the latest technology and intuitive solutions are informed by Humphreys’ experience. Our determination to be innovative means we never ask customers to try anything we have not tested ourselves.


Lloyd’s Register certified

Oyster yachts are now even safer and more robust than ever before. All Oyster hulls boast resin infused bulk heads and a carbon frame for extreme strength. This provides major advantages when it comes to longevity and ultimate durability of the hull. Each yacht is inspected by a Lloyd’s Register surveyor once a week during moulding, before issuing an LR Moulding certificate on completion. This validates our hulls and decks, ensuring all materials, resins and the build process meet Lloyd’s exacting standards.


The Oyster difference

Oyster yachts are the result of over 45 years of hard work and commitment by generations of exceptionally skilled master craftsmen and women. Hand-built and finished, every last detail is meticulously considered and tested to meet the demands of our owners – sailors who rely on Oyster to perform in the most challenging conditions the ocean can throw at them. As a result, our approach and attention to detail have earned Oyster the enviable reputation as the sailor’s sailboat.

True bluewater cruisers

How many ‘bluewater’ yachts are really designed from the keel up for extended ocean passage-making or circumnavigation? Oyster has over 48 years’ experience building and taking care of our extraordinary bluewater adventure machines. The following highlights the essentials we design into our yachts to make them safe, comfortable and enjoyable to live aboard on long haul, bluewater adventures.

An integrated keel design with keel-stepped mast, certified for strength and safety, forms the foundation of every Oyster. A large volume hull to accommodate generous tankage and all the cruising kit you need. All equipment is over-specified, including robust winches and windlass; solid steering gear with reliable autopilot, along with back-up and space to carry spares; easy access to systems and engine room in case repairs are required mid-passage; and essential powerful and reliable GPS and communications systems.

Signature features include: a good-sized chart table; u-shaped galley; a comfortable, protected, centre cockpit; and helm positions with removable spray hood; clutter-free decks with concealed lines for safety; onboard weather forecasting capability and subscriptions to reputable specialist weather services; a full set of quality, foul weather gear, life jackets and other safety kit; stowage for tender with powerful outboard; a choice of well-maintained sails with multiple downwind sail options for typical bluewater cruising conditions; and automated sail furling/reefing for effortless, shorthanded sailing in all conditions.

An Oyster is your home from home, connected, comfortable and practical. Specified with full-sized appliances – notably the fridge/freezer. Generous cabins with proper en-suites and excellent stowage that uses every inch of available space, are part of an Oyster’s DNA. Forced- air ventilation and forward opening saloon windows for good air circulation below. Self-sufficiency is key: watermaker and large tankage are essential, along with smart energy systems, large battery bank, wind generator, solar panels and double redundancy protection.

Elaine Bunting investigates what makes the ideal a bluewater cruiser


The Oyster Family

Oyster yachts have a unique way of bringing people together – families, friends and other owners – in what we affectionately call, the Oyster family. Many have waited years to join the Oyster family and build their perfect, bluewater sailing yacht. And for many people, it becomes a defining part of who they are and how they live. As an owner, you will be instantly welcomed into this extended global family. As well as enjoying exceptional After Sales support and service anywhere in the world, we will invite you to all kinds of Oyster events and rallies with exclusive dinners, parties, rendezvous and regattas.

The voyage of a lifetime

The Oyster World Rally gives you the chance to become one of a select group of 90 Oyster owners who have circumnavigated the globe. Set sail in the company of like-minded Oyster owners, fully supported by the Oyster team, training and our After Sales team. Discover more about this unique event and find out what it takes to secure a place on the next adventure of a lifetime below. 


Follow the Oyster World Rally 2022- 23 on this voyage of a lifetime

Rally live


The future of the oceans is in our hands and we are committed to becoming the world’s most sustainable yacht business, delivering experiences, adventures under sail with a positive impact on the planet. We have a head start – by their nature our yachts are the ultimate hybrid, but we’re committed to doing everything we can to improve their environmental impact and help our owners operate them in a responsible way. By 2030, our ambition is to produce a yacht in the most sustainable manner possible, and one that can be entirely self-sufficient.

We recognise our responsibilities and are taking an ambitious approach to minimising our environmental impact by setting clear and achievable sustainability goals. As part of this, we have reviewed every aspect of our operations to minimise waste, reduce energy use and plastic consumption, whilst also considering the materials we use to manufacture our yachts.

All the practical actions we are taking, both large and small, when combined will have a material positive impact on our planet and oceans, and help us work towards our primary goal by 2030.