Oyster Service Means Care-Free Oyster Owners

Becoming an Oyster Owner

Yacht Ownership

We believe yacht ownership begins from the moment you commission your Oyster. It is an experience owners savour and one our Project Managers guide you through every step of the way.

A personal journey

A key part of owning your Oyster is understanding the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into her. This adds to the deep sense of ownership you will feel when you step aboard for the first time.

Turning dreams into reality

Our Project Managers are all experienced sailors who will help you turn your hopes, plans and dreams of adventure into reality, from the initial moulding of the hull to handover. Their practical experience is gained from thousands of sailing miles, previous builds and a deep knowledge of equipment will help you personalise your perfect yacht. Your Project Manager is well-placed to advise you on any topic from complex computer and AV systems to selecting sails and galley equipment.

From build to handover

You will be invited to see her at different stages throughout her build, including several visits to the moulding and fitout yards. When she is complete, your Project Manager will spend weeks working with the Commissioning Skipper to ensure your yacht is trialled thoroughly. They will then spend several days with you onboard, showing you the ropes. Once you are comfortable with everything, they will wave you off to set sail on your first blue water adventure.