The Galápagos Islands

A volcanic archipelago, the Galápagos Islands is 600 miles from mainland Ecuador and sits on the Equator. Dubbed The Enchanted Isles by the Bishop of Panama in 1535, it became known as the Galápagos after the shells of the giant tortoises reminded the visitors of horse saddles (Galápagos comes from the Spanish word for saddle).

Known the world over thanks to Charles Darwin’s famous visit on the Beagle in 1835 which fed directly into his Theory of Evolution, the landscape is rugged and beautiful, with high volcanic mountains and periodically active volcanoes. A unique ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’, the islands and surrounding marine reserve inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. You will see today how animals have evolved to adapt to their environment. From giant tortoises to sea lions and penguins, marine iguanas and thousands of birds, each is a perfect example of Darwin’s theory at work. This environment is carefully protected and National Park-certified naturalist tour guides are on hand to show you the sights.


  • See the thousands of sea lions at San Cristóbal
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station for background on the Islands’ history, a tortoise hatchery and iguana and giant tortoise enclosures.
  • Day trips to Kicker Rock give you a sea view from the boat of the dramatic rocks and the multitude of sea birds and sea lions.
  • Garrapatero Beach offers a serene getaway, the perfect place to contemplate Mother Nature’s bounty.
  • Head up to the Highlands to Tortoise Ranch to see Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat.
  • Make sure to visit the island of Isabela, it’s so laid back, even the main street is made of sand.


A flavour of Galápagos


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