Marquesas Islands

These striking volcanic islands welcome you with beautiful, black sand beaches and stunning bays. Inland, lush rainforest and nature is in charge here rather than people.

Originally settled by Polynesians believed to have come from Tonga around 300 AD, the islands were first spotted by Spanish navigator Mendena in 1594 and visited by Captain Cook in 1774. Many artists and writers have been inspired by the Marquesas, including Paul Gauguin, Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson wrote in a letter to a friend: “The climate is delightful; and the harbour where we lie one of the loveliest spots imaginable”. The 3,000 mile passage from the Galápagos takes about the same time as an Atlantic crossing, thanks to favourable Tradewinds and currents. The islands enjoy steady winds and no tropical depressions. Beach landings can be challenging due to swell but there are lots of lovely, sheltered bays where you can drop anchor and soak up the beautiful scenery and tropical heat.

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  • Experience the thrill of swimming with Manta rays and Eagle rays
  • Explore the breath-taking landscape on foot, on horseback or in a 4WD
  • Sample local cuisine including ‘Poisson cru’, Polynesian ceviche and indigenous tropical fruits


A flavour of Marquesas Island


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