The Oyster After-Sales team often feel like detectives as we research and find the correct original part or replacement item for the yachts in our fleet. Yet, given the wealth of individual experience from hands-on sailing knowledge to boat building wisdom it’s perhaps not that surprising that we have so many ‘Eureka’ moments when we do! 

Being able to provide exceptional after-sales support is all part of our Oyster sailing services and helps us all to understand even better what our owners and their boats might need. 

We take pride in the fact that our prompt Oyster aftersales services and support are available to all Oyster owners, regardless of the age of their yacht. In addition to our sophisticated Oyster Aftersales headquarters in UK, the network extends to Oyster Palma in Europe and Oyster USA in Newport, Rhode Island where our service teams are on the ground ready to assist.

When it comes to knowing our boats, we have files for every Oyster yacht that has ever been built, including those that are over 20 years old. We hold a supply of stock for some parts. So, be it a new rig or a simple hinge for a door, we can locate the precise item and ship it anywhere in the world.

After Sales Team

[email protected] +44 (0)23 8083 1005

A highly experienced team who are passionate about all things Oyster. The team collectively have decades of experience in supporting Oyster owners. Comprising a team of boat builders, Oyster World Rally participants, keen sailors and racers - Dee, Kate, Rachel, Leah are supported by Eddie Scougall. Eddie is the Oyster technical guru, having worked for Oyster for over 19 years, he has circumnavigated the world and has extensive sailing experience. His comprehensive knowledge of the boats is an essential support to the After Sales team. His favourite sailing area is the Antarctic.

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Oyster After Sales Sailing Services

Over the last year alone the Oyster sailing services team have ordered parts and supplied information for 281 Oyster yachts, ranging from an Oyster 435 built 36 years ago, to items for the latest boat to be launched.    

But our luxury yacht service is not just about replacement parts. For new owners we are also able to provide all the spares, safety, tools, linen and galley equipment that they might need to enjoy their Oyster from day one. We also produce a recommended spares list to suit their style of sailing. 

And when it comes to going further afield, our Oyster sailing services team has provided support for both of the Oyster World Rallies, delivering owners with bespoke lists of spares, safety items and tools to ensure that they are well provided for their circumnavigation.  

Before and during their trip, every yacht has one of the after sales team dedicated to their programme, providing spares and information while making sure that the items they need get sent in time, anywhere in the world.  

Above all, the Oyster sailing services team are close knit and shares its knowledge to get to the heart of the problem quickly. Being able to help our owners like this and provide a world class luxury yacht service gives us a great deal of satisfaction.


Oyster owners describe the support provided by the Oyster After Sales team.

Oyster 62/20 Uhuru Legendary After Sales!

The legendry Oyster After Sales was one of the key drivers behind me buying an Oyster and now I have worked closely with them in supporting Uhuru’s circumnavigation, they are the reason my next purchase will be another Oyster. They bring order and simplicity to the complex task of maintaining a yacht underway in far flung locations and are my lifeline when we need parts in an emergency.

Owner - James Ashwell

Oyster 625/09 Delicia A Skipper's Perspective

Thanks again for everything you do, it is real luxury to have an efficient person on the other end of the line.

I’m pleased to share with fellow captains that the costing is on point, I naturally get 3 to 4 quotations for major parts that I need and each time your Oyster office returned to me with an equal costing with no mark up.

Skipper - Kirsty Williams

Oyster 655/02 Meteorite Great support during the World Rally

The Oyster After Sales team were a great support during the World Rally. It was reassuring to know that if we were not carrying a part in our spares we could rely on the team back in the UK to source and send the necessary part to our next port of call. The Customer Service was excellent, always responding to calls and e-mails in a timely fashion and keeping track of the parts on their journey to some quite unusual and challenging final destinations.

Without the help of the team sourcing and supplying parts for the boat, I am sure that we would have spent many frustrating hours trying to do the task ourselves. They saved us heaps of pain and time and considerably helped our overall enjoyment of the Rally.

Joint owner - Andy Davis

Oyster 485/16 Tradition Fabulous support even to Brokerage Customers

We love our Oyster and if we ever purchase another sailboat it will be an Oyster. We appreciate the support we receive even though we are not the original owners. An e-mail to the team in the UK and help was on its way. I think the Oyster After Sales support is not just the best in the boat industry, it is the best I have experienced in all industries.

This year we had another great experience with After Sales. After twenty four years our hatch shades/screens were showing their age. Our yard in San Francisco Bay area tried to find replacements but couldn’t. I sent Kate an e-mail asking for help and a short time later she had found replacements and sent them to us. Simply the best.

Owner - Bill Stark

Oyster 55/44 Shearwater of Rye Unbeatable Customer Care

I always knew that Oyster provided unbeatable customer care, but this is absolutely first class, and exceeds even your very high standards.  We have owned Shearwater since 2011, and she has always been a joy.  You and the team are outstanding, and I can think of no better example of top flight customer service.  Thank you very much for such a prompt and informed response on a complicated topic.

Owner - Charlie Bennett