Maine is renowned for its dramatic lighthouses, rugged mountains and enchanting sea life, found just 20 miles from the coast. With a coastline just shy of 3,500 miles, there is a lot to discover. But the joy of the area is that once you are there, you don’t need to waste time on long passages between ports – it is possible to enjoy Maine in bite-sized chunks and cruise at your leisure.

The whale-watching season runs from mid-April to September and captivates thousands on crewed sailing yacht charters with the prospect of sighting humpback whales, pilot whales, minke whales and finback whales, as well as rarer visitors like sei whales, sperm whales, orcas and right whales. When you’ve had your fill of wildlife spotting, sail in Maine’s MidCoast and islands. This is a veritable paradise, with its many secluded coves, inviting harbour villages with a view and some of the best lobster you’ll ever taste especially on Swan's Island. Maine is renowned for its seafood restaurants, ranging from the local lobster shacks to five-star restaurants.

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The best time for sailing charters on the East Coast of the United States

Sailing in Maine in July and August guarantees the best weather, perfect for outdoor activities and watersports. (Don’t be put off by Maine’s famous fog – it is a truly atmospheric experience that is as much part of any trip as sun-filled days.) You can hike, camp, swim, water ski, cycle, white water raft and kayak the summer away on board a luxury New England yacht charter with Oyster.

The region has a continental climate with warm, humid but dry summers and very cold winters. The season runs from April to October, with temperatures reaching up to 25oC in June and July, with gentle winds of around 5 knots.

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The best time for sailing charters on the East Coast of the United States


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Oyster 56 Salt Sailing Yacht Charter Anchored Landscape

OYSTER 56 - 2008

4 guests

Summer - Maine, USA $ 14,000/wk

Oyster 625 Latitude Sailing Yacht Charter Anchored Landscape Sunset

OYSTER 625 - 2013

4 guests

Summer - US East Coast $ 24,000/wk

Winter - Caribbean $ 24,000/wk