Imagine embarking on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. Exploring remote destinations of rare beauty, unique places to immerse in new cultures and captivating ecosystems.

Experience unparalleled levels of luxury, comfort and safety, with the reassurance of uncompromising, personalised service and support from Oyster’s world-class Rally team.

Oyster World Rally
Oyster World Rally

The Oyster World Rally – the ultimate circumnavigation of the world.


Entries are open for the Oyster World Rally 2028-29.


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Rally Live 2024-25

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Rally packages


For everyone taking part in the Oyster World Rally, the Adventurer package comes as standard and provides everything required to enjoy the voyage of a lifetime.

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Relish the magnificence of every destination and beyond with the Explorer package. Enjoy unparalleled concierge service and personalised luxury experiences.

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Indulge in the sailing adventure of a lifetime with the Voyager package. Every comfort and convenience precisely composed, every detail considered.

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Oyster yachts

Explore our award-winning, rally-proven fleet of luxurious bluewater sailing yachts


Inspiring stories and adventures

Infinity Monuriki Island
Oyster Life
One for the bucket list
Just three years ago, sailing round the world was a distant dream. Fast forward to today, and Ross Golding has realised a life-changing world voyage.
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Three children on sailing boats boom
Oyster Life
Schooling on a world circumnavigation
For many people, the opportunity to sail around the world with your family is a long-held dream. But when is the right time to set sail with your family?
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Panama Canal Crossing
Oyster Life
Sailing the Panama Canal on the Oyster World Rally
Read how the Oyster World Rally team has supported the 2022-23 fleet with a bucket list experience for sailors globally: transiting the Panama Canal.
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Oyster 725.01 Intrepid Bahamas Aerial View
Oyster Life
A truly intrepid owner
Discover Oyster owner Trevor Hill’s inspiring story from ownership through to setting sail for a lap of the planet on the Oyster World Rally 2022-23.
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Discover what sets the Oyster World Rally apart

Go for it! Life’s way too short. Don’t live with regrets. Even if you think you can’t do it, you can do it. With the right preparation, the right boat and the right attitude, you can definitely figure it all out.
Susan White – Oyster 625 Makara
Oyster World Rally 2022-23
The Oyster World Rally was just the perfect opportunity to join a bunch of likeminded people that are passionate about sailing and are passionate about adventure
Ross Golding - Oyster 565 Infinity
Oyster World Rally 2022-23
We discussed that in later life we would do the Oyster World Rally, but as we learnt more about it, we realised this is something we could do now. Being novices wasn’t a problem, with two professional crew on board, and Oyster World Rally support team with us all the way, we just said: ‘what are we waiting for’.
Leo Eccles – Oyster 655 Man Of War
Oyster World Rally 2022-23


Rally Information


Join Formula 1 legend Eddie Jordan as he relives his voyage of a lifetime on the Oyster World Rally.


Frequently asked

Do you have to own an Oyster Yacht to take part?

Yes, you must own an Oyster Yacht to enter. If you are not yet an owner, we would be delighted to build you a new boat or help you find a brokerage Oyster.

Can I join for a section of the rally?

The Oyster World rally is an event that sails around the world. All entries must sign up for the whole rally.

How much does it cost to join the rally?

The rally entry fee is calculated according to the length of your yacht. Details of costs can be found in the Notice of Event.

Is there a minimum size limit to participate?

Yes, due to event logistics and average yacht speed, the minimum yacht length that can enter the Oyster World Rally is 45 feet.

How long should I allow to prepare for a World Rally?

The answer very much depends on if you already own an Oyster yacht, whether you plan to sail her yourself or take professional crew, and your sailing experience. If you are an Oyster owner and plan to sail her yourself and at least one member of crew has their RYA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification, we recommend at least two years of preparation and positioning for the Rally. Bear in mind Oyster’s Rally training programme runs for 18 months prior to the start of the event.

If you are considering building a new Oyster yacht for the Rally we recommend a three to four years preparation period. Typically, you should allow two years for the purchase, specification and build process. This period could easily be longer if there are extended waiting times on build slots for certain models. Once she is in the water, we recommend at least 12 months to shake down and familiarise yourself with your Oyster. You then need to factor in time to position her for the Rally start in Antigua, which typically means late September before the start in January, dependant on your home port.

For those considering a Brokerage boat for the Rally, we recommend a two to three years preparation period. This allows for a minimum of 12 months to find and purchase your ideal yacht, but it can take much longer. Then factor in the inevitable refit to meet your requirements. This will be your home for at least 20 months so it’s important she meets your every need. Dependant on waiting times, a typical Rally refit can take three to nine months. Once she is Rally-ready, we recommend a familiarisation period of 12 months to fully understand sailing style and features.

Other considerations worth factoring into your preparation timescales include sail training and qualifications; planning and sourcing your spares (Oyster After Sales can help here); ensuring you have the correct charts and pilot books for the Rally route; and deciding how you want to personalise your adventure on or off the Rally route, which Oyster’s Concierge Team would be delighted to help with.

Can you charter an Oyster Yacht for the Oyster World Rally?

We do not allow chartered yachts to enter the Rally, you must own your Oyster yacht.

When does the next rally start?

The next Oyster World Rally sets sail on 18 January 2026 from Antigua.

Do you offer any pre-rally training?

Yes, once your entry has been accepted, there is an extensive pre-rally training programme run by our events team and suppliers, as well as regular interactive meetings and social get-togethers.

How long is the Oyster World Rally?

The World Rally lasts for 16 months and is designed to make the most of global weather and wind patterns.

Do you offer support at all the major stopovers?

Yes, a member of the Technical, Logistics and Concierge team will greet the fleet at all major destinations, offering services and support.

Is Oyster’s support team included in the cost?

Yes, Oyster’s dedicated support team is included in the entry fee and they will be on hand to help you from the moment you sign up, to the day you become a circumnavigator.

How many Oyster World Rallies have there been?

Oyster have run three successful World Rallies in 2013, 2017, 2022. The Oyster World Rally 2024-25 is currently running. There are future rallies scheduled for 2026 and 2028.


Oyster Brokerage for the Rally

Ruth II
Price Reduced
Ruth II

OYSTER 625 - 2018

€ 2,250,000 VAT Paid

Oyster Palma

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Irish Blessing
Under Offer
Irish Blessing

OYSTER 625 - 2016

$ 2,350,000 US Duty Paid

Oyster Newport, USA

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Man of War
Under Offer
Man of War

OYSTER 655 - 2008

£ 900,000 VAT Paid

Barcelona, Spain

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