Oyster Yachts is a British boatbuilder, with over 50 years’ heritage that feeds into every Oyster 495. Handbuilt by our master craftsmen and women with passion and pride, each detail of this 50 foot yacht is carefully considered, making her a safe home from home, built to take you on a lifetime of adventures.


Over a century of British boat building

For 50 years, we have been leaders in the design and handcrafting of the world’s finest bluewater cruisers, including some of the best 50 foot yachts.

Oyster Yachts Heritage Craftsmanship
Great British craftsmanship

Since 1973, Oyster craftsmanship has drawn on the long tradition of boat building in Norfolk and Southampton, by working with local experts Landamores and Windboats in Norfolk, both founded over 100 years ago, and in Southampton, with SYS, a prestige shipyard, building up to 25m superyachts. Together, they created the foundation for Oyster’s dedication to design, craftsmanship and attention to detail that continues today.

Oyster Yachts Heritage Tom and Rob Humphreys
Rob Humphreys

Naval architect Rob Humphreys designed the Oyster 53 in 1999 and has since created 17 successful models, over 20 years. Rob designed the first of the new G6 hulls, a key feature in our new models. Amongst many benefits, it delivers a sleeker, modern appearance to create significantly more space above and below decks and enhanced sailing performance.

Oyster Yachts Heritage Flags Regatta
Merge and conquer

Oyster took over and combined the workforces from Landamores, Windboats and SYS in 2012. Many of the master craftspeople are still with Oyster today at our construction facilities in Norfolk (Wroxham and Ashmanhaugh) and Southampton. Our commissioning teams operate out of Ipswich and we have a new state-of-the-art production facility at Hythe Marine Park in Southampton.

Oyster Yachts Heritage Anchored in San Blas
Bluewater adventures

Originally designed as racing cruisers, Oysters’ exceptional seaworthiness meant they rapidly evolved into bluewater cruisers. Oysters visited the Arctic and circumnavigated with ease. In 2013, the Oyster World Rally was launched to celebrate Oyster’s 40th anniversary. Subsequent World Rallies set sail in 2017 and 2022, with planning for 2024 and 2026 in progress.

Oyster Yachts Heritage 885 Sailing
A new generation

Richard Hadida became owner of Oyster Yachts in 2018. A proud Oyster owner, his ambitious turnaround successfully re-established Oyster’s yacht building and support operations. He has rejuvenated the brand with three new models – 495, 565 and 595 – that champion new production techniques and time-honoured British craftsmanship featured on our larger models.

Oyster Yachts Heritage 495 Sailing
The future

Oyster’s focus continues to be on creating the world’s finest, bluewater British yachts, including the best 50 foot yachts, with high quality materials, exceptional craft skills and brilliant project management. Internationally recognised and respected for its meticulous build quality, supreme performance and outstanding customer support, the company is investing in creating more sustainable yachts.



Choose from four beautiful contemporary wood interior design themes.

Oyster Yachts Oyster 495 Wood Choices European Oak
European Oak
The finest, sustainable sourced European Oak, cut with a horizontal grain, walnut soleboards with ash inlay
Oyster Yachts Oyster 495 Wood Choices Cool Oak v2
Cool Oak
The finest, sustainable sourced Cool Oak, cut with a horizontal grain, vibrant silver oak
Oyster Yachts Oyster 495 Wood Choices Walnut
The finest, sustainable sourced Walnut, cut with a horizontal grain, walnut soleboards with ash inlay
Limed Oak
Limed Oak
The finest, sustainable sourced Limed Oak, cut with a horizontal grain, vibrant, cool white oak soleboards
Oyster Yachts Oyster 495 Wood Choices Raw Woods
The finest hardwoods
Oyster have worked with our trusted suppliers for decades. We only select the best and sustainable sourced pieces for each element of the new Oyster 495.
Oyster Yachts Craftsmanship Handcrafted Yachts For Sales Man Crafting T4

Outstanding build quality

Oyster’s outstanding quality is a result of the finest British master craftspeople and a meticulous attention to detail.

Stringent quality checks throughout the build mean every detail reaches the highest standards. All Oyster hulls boast uncompromising strength of construction, featuring an over-specified laminate resin structure, with a combination of stringers and frames for extreme strength and durability; and are Lloyd’s Register or DNV GL certified for complete peace of mind. Below decks, the beautiful, handcrafted joinery has uniform 4mm shadow gaps throughout. We insist on no visible fixings and the wood grain is carefully matched to create a sense of flow.


Built for a lifetime of adventure

Hull construction

For ultimate durability and exceptional seaworthiness, we over-specify the hull superstructure by four times the recommended strength, with a strong, monolithic construction around the keel structure and slamming zones for additional strength. Advanced, custom hull lamination processes offer optimum weight, stiffness and strength advantages over traditional construction and enhance the structural integrity.

DNV GL certified

The hull of the 495 is designed, engineered and certified to meet DNV GL classification society’s independent structural plan appraisal and global strength assessment standards. It also complies with the EU Recreational Craft Directive to exceed A-Ocean category. Combined with our strength, integrity and materials standards, the 495 will keep you safe in any sea-state.


Like all Oysters, the equipment on the Oyster 495 from steering, winches, through to deck fittings and rigging is over-specified so it can deal with the harshest sea-state. This makes them eminently durable and safe for ocean crossings and long periods at sea.


Oyster only partner with the best spar and mast makers and the 495 features Sélden mast and spars. For added strength in the rigging, the 495 features a keel-stepped mast. Substantial stainless steel chain plates fitted to the exterior of the hull reduce compression in the mast and give clear access to fore and side decks.

Image 1


Like all our yachts, the new Oyster 495 is eminently practical to maintain.

Oyster 495 Craftsmanship Building Your Oyster 495 Anchored in bay
Oyster 495 Craftsmanship Building Your Oyster 495 Anchored Sunset
Oyster 495 Craftsmanship Building Your Oyster 495 Sailing Regatta
Oyster 495 Craftsmanship Building Your Oyster 495 Hull In Build
Oyster 495 Craftsmanship Building Your Oyster 495 Sailing


Building your Oyster

The journey to become an Oyster owner is different for everyone. For some it starts as a childhood dream, for others, it’s the culmination of years of research that leads them to conclude there is no other choice but an Oyster. But for everyone, the delights of ownership start the moment the build begins.

A key part of owning your Oyster is understanding the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into her and the insights you pick up through the build and handover process. Being part of this process adds to the deep sense of ownership felt when stepping aboard for the first time. To ensure this experience is something to savour and cherish, we assign one of our experienced project managers to guide you every step of the way.

Our Project Managers are all experienced sailors who will help to turn your hopes, plans and dreams of adventure into reality – from the initial moulding of the hull to your in-depth handover.

Their practical experience is gained from thousands of sailing miles (many have circumnavigated), previous builds and a deep knowledge of Oyster yachts. Your Project Manager will be there throughout the build. They will offer advice on all aspects of the process along the way and are well-placed to advise you on anything from choosing and installing complex computer and AV systems, to selecting the right sails down to galley equipment – even details like appliances! 

Working with you, they will ensure your Oyster is beyond expectation on the day you take ownership.

Your Project Manager will take time to get to know you and understand your plans – what is most important to you in terms of finish and equipment and where you wish to sail.

Once you have chosen your model, the planning phase is critical. Our team will use their deep knowledge of Oysters and the latest equipment to help you specify a yacht that meets your exacting requirements and is the answer to your sailing dreams. Only when everything is agreed, understood and signed-off, will the major work on creating the hull and deck begin.

Your Project Manager will encourage you to visit your yacht during each stage of the build. Not only is the process fascinating, it gives you the chance to understand the strength of the yacht’s structure, operating systems and utilities.

The build starts at our specialist moulding technology centre. Over many years, we have seen that for owners a big part of the build is the regular yard visits (in person or online), scheduled throughout the build, to see the yacht at key points of the process.

Owning an Oyster is made richer by understanding the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into them. These yard visits help to do just that – they are a great opportunity to meet our master craftspeople, see their skills in action and understand all aspects of construction of your yacht for complete peace of mind.

The hull and deck of your new Oyster 495 will go to one of our build facilities in Southampton, Wroxham or Hythe, where the utilities, systems and interior are installed.

The first phase of the fitout sees the installation of wiring looms and plumbing systems, laying the foundations for our master craftspeople to play their part. During the second phase, the furniture and cabinetry are installed and the fine details of the finish are handcrafted to the highest standards, along with any customisation you have specified.

On completion, your yacht will be handed over to our commissioning team. Commissioning takes six to eight weeks, with an extreme attention to detail to meet the most exacting standards and ensure everything is perfect for when you take ownership. This is followed by a week-long handover when you will experience your yacht and systems first-hand which, combined with the detailed handover procedure, will give you complete confidence to set sail on your first adventure.