Oyster 62

A Rob Humphreys design that replaced the 61, the 62 is a bigger yacht all round, with more volume, a longer waterline and taller rig. The biggest change, though, came on deck, with the introduction of a split cockpit, aft the working area, with twin wheels, and forward one of the safest, family-friendly cockpits in a yacht of this size.

The 62 is available with either a four or a five cabin layout, with up to three head/shower compartments, and offers accommodation and features that compare favourably with many much larger yachts. 

Performance under sail is excellent with 200 mile days in full cruising trim possible. The 62 has had easy class wins in the ARC, also getting cruising line honours and being the first to finish in all cruising classes with 178 yachts astern. In Antigua Sailing Week, a 62 won all five races in Cruising Class 1. An accomplished circumnavigator, the 62 Quest was sailed around the world with a very young family and without crew. America’s Cup and Fastnet winner, Gary Jobson sailed a 62 to the Arctic, reaching 80 degrees north.