Marine Engineering Apprenticeship Programme Details

Year 1

The first year of Oyster’s engineering apprenticeships programme covers everything you will need to get going and progress safely and confidently. This includes foundation training in Health & Safety, safe and accurate use of hand tools and machines, along with a range of basic techniques such as making brackets and fittings with various materials, and understanding basic engineering drawings and systems. You will also learn to identify different materials and their individual properties and uses, and compile a workbook detailing all tasks you have undertaken throughout the first year of the engineering apprenticeships programme.

Year 2

Year 2 of our engineering apprenticeships programme covers a range of essential engineering skills that you will be able to call on throughout your career. Our experts will lead you through a wide range of topics that will include how to work with basic hydraulic systems, how to machine accurately, various welding techniques, as well as fitting and aligning engine and gear boxes, and much more. These essential skills will set you up for the advanced engineering skills you will learn in Years 3 and 4 of our marine engineering apprenticeships programme.

Years 3 

This year, you will get to grips with the more advanced elements of marine engineering that will take your skills to the next level. This will include expert guidance on how to install complex systems including an entire fuel system and water systems, running hydraulic lines through the boat, and installing a sea water cooling system. You will also learn how to commission and test and fine tune all these systems once they have been fitted correctly. 

Year 4

In the final year of Oyster’s marine engineering apprenticeships programme, you will cover the installation of a sea inlet manifold and complete gas systems. You will also assist the team with the complete commissioning process of a boat, making sure every element is fitted and set up to perfection, in readiness for the handover to its new owner. At the end of four years, you will be fully qualified and ready to take the next step in your career as a marine engineer, with the reassurance that you have been trained to the highest standards by industry-recognised experts on the Oyster marine engineering apprenticeships programme.


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