The Route

Taking in some of the most stunning cruising grounds in the world, the Oyster World Rally gives you the opportunity to complete your circumnavigation and enjoy the best of each location, timed perfectly to global weather patterns.

OWR 2017 SUNsuSEA 9

Beginning in Antigua, we first head west, transiting the Panama Canal around the middle of February.  There is ample time to visit Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, (the ABC’s), maybe pulling into Cartagena on the way to spend some time with the Kuna Indian tribe in San Blas. 

Once through the Panama Canal, we head out into the vast Pacific Ocean to Galapagos, crossing the Equator on the way.  Once in Galapagos, we spend quality time with the locals, which just happen to be Sea Lions, Hammerhead Sharks and Galapagos Penguins.  The wildlife in Galapagos is so well protected that they don’t see us humans as a threat, so they come right up to you and play! 

Westward from the Galapagos, we sail the longest ocean leg of the route, sailing just over 3000 Nautical miles to French Polynesia.  The first set of islands on the list are the Marquesas with their rich history and lush vegetation.  Onward through the wonderful lagoons of the Tuamotus, we arrive in Tahiti and her surrounding islands. 

Leaving Bora Bora, it's on to the incredible Vava’u Islands in Tonga.  Along fourteen miles of coast, we enjoy over 60 different anchorages and maybe take in a Tonga Feast, or let the sound of four generations of the same family sing in harmony in church on a Sunday morning. 

Moving onto Fiji, more stunning islands with beautiful people who grin from ear to ear as they welcome you into their villages.  Vanuatu is next, before sailing North of New Caledonia to transit the Great Barrier Reef into Mackay in Australia.


LRG DSC03470

Once in Australia, head north to the stunning Whitsundays and take in the regatta in Hamilton Island if you so wish! 

Heading north past Cairns, make your way around the top of Australia to Darwin and then onto Indonesia. 

Komodo Dragons and stunning Asian food await as you sail from Kupang, along the coats of Flores, to the Komodo National Park. Then it's onto Lombok and the Giles, wonderful anchorages of the Indian Ocean. 

A quick pitstop in Bali and it's off across the Indian Ocean to Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling and onto Mauritius & La Reunion. 

We cross the Agulhas current to South Africa, just in time to sail around the Cape of Good Hope and into Cape Town for Christmas and the New Year. 

Onward, in early 2023, as we sail up the South Atlantic to St Helena, Ascension Island and Fernando de Noronha, before returning to a warm welcome back in the Caribbean.