Southern Indonesia

The largest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is also the largest archipelago in the world, covering the equivalent of one eighth of the Earth’s circumference.

There are five main islands and thirty smaller groups, part of around 17,500 islands in total. Not surprisingly, over 270 million people call it home. It is an animal lover’s paradise, one of 17 ‘mega-diverse’ places that have an almost unimaginable number of different species. These include the rare and exotic, from the Komodo Dragon to the Sumatran Tiger and Orang-utans. The Komodo dragon lives on just five Indonesian islands – Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar. The world’s largest lizard, they weigh up to 150 pounds and their toxic venom allows them to hunt and kill far bigger animals – even humans. Our itinerary calls at two of the Komodo National Park’s 29 volcanic islands. You can trek in the park to see the dragons through mountains, tropical rain forests, grass-woodland savannah and white sand beaches. Recognised as a global conservation priority area, the huge range of flora and fauna on land is matched by a rich, undisturbed marine environment.

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  • See a Komodo Dragon up close at the Komodo National Park.
  • Explore the coastal waters with outstanding diving and snorkelling.
  • Snorkel the Gili Meno underwater sculptures by sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, which depict the circle of life.
  • Visit local schools and meet local families.
  • Step into the serene world of Bali’s beautiful temples.


A flavour of Southern Indonesia


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