Few cities have one of the seven natural wonders of the world on their doorstep. No wonder Cairns is known as the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Experts believe the reef was founded over 500,000 years ago and makes up 10 per cent of the world's coral reef ecosystems.

It is one of the most complex ecosystems on Earth and you should not miss it for the world! Cairns is a laidback and unpretentious place. After the remote tropical delights of the Polynesian islands, you will be ready to explore the restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shops. There is a lot of agriculture in place beyond the city, with sugarcane, bananas, coffee and tea being the main crops. It is also home to progressive wine makers, who are stepping away from the traditional Shiraz and Chardonnays to create the world’s first tropical fruit wines. There are lots of wineries a short drive from the city, which make for a great day out.

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  • No visit to Cairns is complete without a visit to explore the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Explore the Daintree National Park with its contrasting mountainous rainforest, gorges and beaches. The oldest tropical rainforest in the world, Sir David Attenborough described it as “the most extraordinary place on Earth”.
  • Visit Undara National Park, home to the world’s largest lava tubes. Thought to be roughly 190,000 years old, they were created from a huge lava spill into a riverbed, which flowed for 160 km.


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