Article • 1 September 2022
Top toys for your Oyster

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Incredibly cool new ways to entertain family, friends, and guests in the coming months

Lying at anchor in an idyllic bay will often need to be supplemented with something cool and refreshing. New materials and technical advances, particularly in electrical propulsion, have meant you are now spoilt for choice – but you might need a bigger toy box. Here are 10 great toys to consider for your Oyster.




Wave Jam

Originally designed with lifesaving in mind, the recreational version weighs just 18kg or 24kg depending upon battery size. With a top speed of 8½ knots, the Wave Jam provides the thrills, but also the means, to explore the locality at water level. Steering is achieved by simply leaning your body.


Yamaha RDS300 Seascooter and Seawing II

Designed for the recreational scuba diver (it is rated to a depth of 30m) the Seascooter weighs 8.2kg and the whole package stows away in a compact carrying bag. It has a mounting for a GoPro® and will pull you along at up to 3mph underwater with a run-time up to 90 minutes.

An interesting (and much lighter at 3.7kg) alternative is the Seawing II which has two props instead of one and a lithium-ion battery instead of the Seascooter’s lead-acid unit. Recharge time is shorter but so is the duration at 40 minutes. This is more suited to being used at snorkel depths and should therefore be accessible for crewmembers of all ages.



Paired with an Aria QR+ full face mask, this allows you to speak to similarly equipped snorkellers within 150m. The unit attaches to the snorkel of the mask and will only work when that is above the water. The masks are much more comfortable as you do not have to spend the whole time chewing a rubber mouthpiece. This also makes speaking easier too!



Mmm… essentially a very basic underwater breathing kit that gives just a few minutes of air. These have become popular and are marketed as requiring “no scuba certification”. If you have one of these or are considering buying one, make sure that you are aware of its limitations.


Tiwal 2

This is a proper little performance dinghy! At 2.8m and with the main hull similar in construction to an inflatable SUP, it has inflatable side-decks and a toe strap allowing the crew to properly hike out. It has a 5.6m² North sail set off an unstayed carbon mast, and blocks are by Harken. The whole thing weighs 41kg, can be assembled in 15 minutes without the need for tools, and comes in two small bags that can be easily stowed.


Fliteboard AIR

Originating in Australia, these electrically propelled foil boards have developed a strong cult following. This inflatable version is more buoyant and packs down to a small size. Speeds of up to 26 knots are promised, with a duration of up to 90 minutes with the larger capacity battery. Control is via a wireless handheld controller that also acts as a virtual kill cord – you will need this when you’re learning. This is a premium product with high build quality. For many, it will also be addictive!


Jobe E-Duna powered SUP

This is no thrill ride but a 3.5m conventional SUP with an ingeniously small electrically powered water jet that fits into the centre giving three hours cruising at 2 knots. Handy for when you are getting tired of paddling, facing a headwind or just want to chill out. A speed controller clips to the paddle.


Anfibio Sigma TXA inflatable canoe

These are extraordinary - you can have your own glass-bottomed boat with room for two but which weighs only 2kg! Designed originally for the backpacking market, the canoe uses tear and abrasion-resistant urethane/nylon fabric and the whole thing packs down to 30cm x 20cm. A carbon super-light paddle that weighs 480g is also available.


Gocycle GXi electric bicycle

True innovation (from a former McLaren F1 designer) and excellent stowability makes this a perfect choice for when you finally make it ashore. Weighing 17.5kg and with cables, gears, chain and sprockets contained within the frame, there is no risk of an oily mess. A range of up to 80km and a top speed of 25km/h allow for some proper exploring. Full recharge in four hours.


SwiftyONE MARINE adult foldable scooter

Just like we had when we were kids, but for grown-ups. This is perfect for getting about the marina, village, or further afield. Lighter than a folding bike at just 7.8kg and with a polished aluminium frame, this “Marine” version has upgraded stainless steel componentry.

Also, consider the MARINE-e which can reach 25km/h and is still easy to load into the tender at 13.2kg. Be aware though that in some countries, including in the UK, this electric version is not legal on either road or pavement which might therefore be considered a limiting factor!

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