The connected yacht

The Connected Yacht

Oyster Command™ and our next generation yachts

We all take for granted the many examples of innovative technology we enjoy at home, in luxury hotels and even in our cars.

That means everything from appliances controlled from your iPhone, to subtle lighting themes at your fingertips and a button to send an SOS signal to your car manufacturer. So, shouldn’t we enjoy the same luxuries and practicalities when on an adventure on our Oyster liveaboard yachts?

Today, you will find leading-edge technology woven into the design of Oyster’s new generation yachts as standard, making them fully digitally enabled, as expected. We have taken a holistic view of technology based on the way most people live today and will do it in the future, making our yachts a real home-from-home. Owners have a huge choice of technology when they fit out their boats. And if you imagine it, it can almost certainly be made into a reality.



Seamless Integration

Our approach to technology embraces everything from onboard systems and entertainment suites to the Internet and WIFI, all seamlessly connected with digital interfaces throughout the yacht. Wherever you are, we can provide specific technical equipment to guarantee you are always connected with the world as much (or as little) as you choose. All our systems are selected for their ruggedness and ability to meet their purpose, which is unique to each owner and their yacht.

The latest innovation to be fitted as standard on our new yachts is Oyster Command™. It’s the gateway to technology on board, connecting everything from entertainment and lighting to the main systems, utilities, Oyster proprietary lighting systems and security.

Inspired by experience

Founder Richard Hadida’s extensive experience in the world of digital technology has driven many of the advances adopted on our new generation yachts. As such, he has been a huge inspiration for our designers and engineers. Picking up on the many innovations we now take for granted at home, we are finding ways to bring similar technology and experiences to life on our bluewater yachts.

Our approach is to specify or invent purpose-driven, practical innovations that make a real difference, that make life on board even simpler, more enjoyable and safer every day. Much as you will want to go off-grid on your Oyster in some of the remotest corners of the world, you always have the reassurance that you are just a call away from our expert support if you need it.

Focus on the future

We work with leading manufacturers to specify the most advanced innovations, as well as developing our own technology. Last year, we announced a new partnership with B&G (part of the Navico Group), the leading manufacturer of advanced sailing electronics. We wanted to ensure every new Oyster is equipped with the most sophisticated but practical navigation equipment. This lets you choose from a wide range of essential technology, from multitouch sailing chart plotters and intelligent sailing data displays to advanced instruments and autopilot systems. These cutting-edge electronics are designed specifically for sailing yachts, to enhance and improve adventures and experiences that continue to fuel your passion for sailing.

Tried, tested, trusted

Creating innovative technology is one thing, making sure it is robust and fit for purpose is another. We put every piece of new technology through its paces at sea, in the kind of conditions you will encounter yourself when you are out sailing. As a result, and based on our experts’ first-hand experience, you have the added peace of mind that comes from knowing all the safety and navigation technology on your Oyster is robust, reliable and trustworthy.

Our approach is to specify or invent purpose-driven, practical innovations that make a real difference, that make life on board even simpler, more enjoyable and safer every day.
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Take control

We have spent a lot of time developing the new Oyster Command™ system – an important innovation and yet another example of using digital to your advantage. We fed in some great insights from owners, crews and the Oyster team to create a thoroughly rewarding system that makes life simple.

Oyster Command™ is now fitted as standard on all new Oyster models. At heart, it lets you access and control all the systems on the boat. This includes everything from onboard entertainment suites to domestic systems, power management, engine controls, generators, tanks and bilges, interior/exterior lighting and maintenance.

The overview display provides a snapshot of all the main functions and systems. You can see the status of the generators and AC/DC systems as well as what is going on in the tanks and bilges, all at a glance. Maintenance alarms keep you up-to-speed with any vital tasks that need attending to and flag any recurring problems that need to be investigated further. An easy-to-navigate touchscreen menu lets you delve deeper into each system to review and adjust settings as necessary.

Since this is a digital system, it can be displayed and controlled on any multi-functional display installed at the chart table and helm station and throughout your yacht.


The future of onboard living

It is easy to forget just how quickly changes in technology have transformed our lives at home. As you can see, we believe these advances can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and safety on your Oyster. Our yachts are designed to be your home-from-home when you are on board, kitted out with robust, tried, tested and trusted technology. Just as our galleys now reflect all the mod cons of your kitchen at home, it’s clear the rest of your yacht can do the same. Whether it is a functional or practical innovation or technology that enhances your sense of comfort, luxury and well-being, we believe it has a place on board an Oyster.

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