The value of owning an Oyster

Good examples of well-maintained Oyster yachts are known to retain their value. With the potential of strong residuals and lower running costs, owning the world’s finest bluewater sailing yacht might be even more rewarding than you imagined.

Few boat manufacturers can confidently say cost of ownership is modest in comparison to the capital outlay. As serial Oyster yacht owner, Sir Peter Davies, explains:

“When it comes to costs, Oysters may be among the more expensive in their field, but I was reviewing some of the acquisition and sale invoices recently and after deducting the agent’s commission, the cost per year was quite modest. Plus, most importantly, Oysters retain their value and I think it is those two factors that make the original outlay worthwhile”.

Over the lifetime of ownership an Oyster is a worthy proposition: In a strong market, current fleet models listed with Oyster brokerage return good values for their owners. It’s a similar story for older models too, especially when well-maintained, sensibly specified and located in an accessible location.


Explore examples of pre-owned Oysters providing strong returns to their owners.

Oyster 565 01 v2
Oyster 565/01
High demand for the current Oyster range and her location in the Channel Islands saw the first pre-owned Oyster 565 sell quickly; demonstrating good residual value and a positive return for her owner.
Oyster 575 42 1 v2
Oyster 575/42
A beautiful example, well specified for circumnavigation with a host of desirable upgrades, including counter stern and lithium-ion batteries, along with her location in Palma, meant Oyster 575/42 attracted a wealth of interest and a premium return for her owner.
Oyster 675 02 2
Oyster 675/02
A rare opportunity to shortcut a waiting list for a new Oyster 675 meant this stunning example, with well-considered options and low hours, generated strong demand and an attractive sale price.
Oyster 885/03
Immaculately maintained to the highest standards, with regular yard periods and Oyster Service maintenance history, Oyster 885/03 demonstrated Oysters’ outstanding residual value after 9 years of ownership.
Oyster 565 08 3
Oyster 565/08
A unique opportunity to acquire a Rally-specified current model generated strong interest in Oyster 565/08. Upon her arrival in Antigua at the finish of the Oyster World Rally 2022-23, she was under new ownership, having provided the experience of a lifetime and a respectable return for the existing owner.
Oyster NM 191001 11794
Oyster 625/14
This immaculately kept Oyster 625 featured a rare interior layout boasting a full forward double guest cabin, a manufacturer’s option that resulted in high demand and healthy residual value for the owner.
Oyster 595 01 2
Oyster 595/01
High demand for the current Oyster range drove strong interest in the first pre-owned Oyster 595. She featured an excellent specification, which included Oyster World Rally ready options, this, combined with immediate access to a new Oyster 595, delivered a respectable return for the owner.

Strong residuals is one benefit of Oyster ownership, but running costs must be considered when owning any boat. Most owners work on the basis of plus 10% of capital costs to run their boat annually.

But that is not the case for Oyster 745 owner Christian Casal, who explains: “Almost all the yacht owners I talked to told me that the running costs would be 10% of the capital cost per year. That’s not true. It’s not even been 5% and I keep my boat in super shape.”

Chartering through Oyster Charter is another option that makes the prospect of ownership more compelling. With the right combination of boat, crew and location, Charter allows owners to offset some of the running from costs, which includes employing a crew to maintain her year-round. This can keep a yacht in prime order and provide extraordinary value in terms of carefree, luxury sailing and boat ownership. It reduces cost of ownership and provides reassurance of attractive returns if you need to make the difficult decision to sell her in the future.

For example, an annual 6 week charter of a 60 foot Oyster 625 can yield €138,000 which after commission provides owner with €110,000.

One last thought on the value of owning an Oyster. What price can you put on a life-changing experience?

Many owners buy their Oysters to take the voyage of a lifetime with the Oyster World Rally. It is the ultimate bucket list experience, but to gain entry, one must invest in a new or brokerage Oyster for the duration of the event. Owners who have taken part in past rallies agree that the experience comes with limited risk on their investment and is an excellent way to utilise value from capital, while fulfilling a once-in-a-lifetime dream.

A great example of this is owner Ross Golding, who built his Oyster 565 purposefully for the Oyster World Rally 2022-23. He returned from the voyage having already sold his boat en route. The deal was sealed by Oyster Brokerage shortly after the lines were secured at Nelson Dock, Antigua, after he successfully completed the 27,000nm adventure. Ross frames it perfectly: “There are so many plusses to a trip like this, it is hard to know where to start.”

In a fast changing world there is no guarantee of any level of return on investment. But after five decades building and reselling Oyster yachts, we are confident the risks of owning an Oyster are lower when compared to other boats. As we’ve highlighted, reasonable running costs, strong residuals and opportunities to fulfil lifetime ambitions of adventure like no other, are just some of the compelling reasons to invest in an Oyster. And the prospect of eventually exiting the Oyster family with treasured memories, as many owners have over the last 50 years, makes an even more compelling case to choose an Oyster yacht.

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Join owner Ross Golding, as he ticks off his long-held ambition and ultimate bucket list item to take the voyage of a lifetime.



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