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For the perfect Oyster crew

Choosing crew for your Oyster is not always easy, which is why owners use Oyster Crew Services.

We are experts in sourcing experienced crew for Oyster yachts. We take care of all the details, providing support from the beginning, through to successful completion of the process. To make the experience simple, we have shaped a number of fixed fee crew service packages around our most popular services.

Crew Search

Oyster Crew Services provide a complete end-to-end service to source and successfully place crew for a one off fixed fee.


Service includes:
  • Advice throughout the process on hiring sailing yacht crews (expectations, salaries, crew management options, contracts etc.)
  • Establish a detailed brief to guarantee exceeding requirements with appropriate matches
  • Candidate search, interview, selection process and reference checks
  • Candidate shortlist, facilitation of owner interview process and support
  • Warranty replacement agreement

Crew Connect

Oyster Crew Services provide unlimited annual service to source and successfully place multiple crews for an annual fee. This service is recommended for the larger boats that are used to having a regular turnover of seasonal crews.


Service includes:
  • Includes all benefits featured in Oyster’s Crew Services package, plus
  • Unlimited annual crew searches and placement

World Rally Crew

A unique annual service for Oyster World Rally participants, which provides access to a wealth or pre-sourced professional rally crews for a fixed membership fee.


Service includes:
  • Unlimited access to exclusive online portal featuring professional and available crews specifically interested in joining the Oyster World Rally.
  • Access to the full crew listings feature including introduction letter, CV, references and contact information
  • Search before or during the Rally for voluntary and professional crews
  • Discounted access to full Oyster Crew Search service if needed.


For insight on crew salaries see our latest annual crew salary survey report published March 2024 
Oyster Crew Salary survey report

For Oyster Crew Service full terms and conditions:
crew t&c's


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