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Preparing to sail across the Atlantic is a massive feat, with huge responsibilities placed upon the owners and crew to ensure everything is fully planned and prepared, from safety kit to essential spares, and even having sufficient food on board for the crossing.

For Oyster owners, one area for consideration is alleviated thanks to the Oyster Yachts Technical Support team, which has been operating now for over 20 years, checking every inch of those Oyster’s participating in the ARC and ARC+. They’re back on the ground this year in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The experienced Oyster experts have been providing complimentary health checks, servicing and passage advice to the Oyster Yachts taking part in this year’s ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) and ARC+.

The ARC and ARC+ are two of the most popular events for sailors wishing to cross the Atlantic. Nine Oyster bluewater cruisers will be taking part in this year’s ARC, which departs on 20th of November, with six Oyster’s already departed with the ARC+. Oysters of all sizes from the 46 all the way up to the 885 are taking part in this year’s event.

The Oyster technical support team have been working hard to ensure that all Oysters are fully prepared and at peak operating performance before setting off on the 2700 nautical miles of the Atlantic Ocean from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia.  Comprising technical staff, previous Oyster skippers and experienced sailors, the team is well equipped to help owners with all aspects of their yachts, from engineering, systems and rigging, right through to well-informed advice about the transatlantic crossing ahead.

Owners of Oyster 56 Sea Pearl said, “It has been great to get this trusted inspection of our Oyster 56 Sea Pearl before our first ocean crossing and have peace of mind that we don't have anything exceptional on our boat or rig, hanging over our heads and threatening the success of our crossing.”

Jim Holden, owner of Oyster 56 Yuva wished he had made more use of Oyster’s base in Palma before setting off to cross the Atlantic.  “What an amazing team of guys with such superb range and depth of knowledge. Frankly it made me realise I should have booked Yuva into Oyster Palma for a thorough going over and working through a list of work that it would be well to do at this stage.”

He concluded “If Oyster had an Antigua base, we would be heading there as soon as possible after arriving in the Caribbean!”

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