Richard Hadida: Oyster’s Gleaming Future

Injecting innovation across our fleet of luxury sailing yachts, we are shortly launching two next-generation Oyster models, our smallest and largest yachts to date - the 565 and the 1225. At each point, we’ve drawn on the best of our Oyster knowledge, data and owner feedback and we’ve included the very latest engineering and design advancements.

I’m passionate that Oyster makes a real commitment to our oceans and the world we’re giving to our children. While a sailing yacht is already more environmentally friendly than its motorised counterpart, at Oyster we’re researching and testing greener technologies for the future. We’re dedicated to making a real difference and I am certain that sailboats will soon be the natural choice for tomorrow’s generations.

I am delighted that this month we’re welcoming the return of our Oyster World Rally participants at our Antigua Regatta. It will be, in true Oyster style, a proper celebration. Circumnavigating the globe is a tremendous achievement and the stories and experience the sailors bring back are testament to the joy that Oysters bring their owners.

This joy is something I feel very deeply. The moment I stepped on board an Oyster for the first time (she was called Amanzi) my mind was blown. I knew, right there, that from now on, it was Oyster or nothing for me. My boat, Lush, has just been refitted and she feels brand new. My family already has great memories on Lush, I can’t wait to create more.

People say not to mix business and pleasure, but this is a labour of love, a thing of the heart.

2019 is set to be an incredible year for Oyster. New models, new innovation and regattas and events throughout the season. I’m so proud to be part of the journey.

Richard Hadida
Oyster Yachts' CEO and Owner