Oyster Yachts announce Eddie Jordan’s appointment as brand ambassador

Oyster Yachts, the world famous British luxury yacht builder has announced Eddie Jordan’s formal appointment as brand ambassador.

After three years on the Board of Directors at Oyster Yachts Limited, Eddie Jordan, The Formula 1 celebrity and Oyster owner moved from his Non-Executive Director position in July 2021 to take up the new ambassadorial role.

Richard Hadida, CEO and Owner of Oyster Yachts commented, “Eddie’s presence within Oyster has been invaluable. He knows the true quality of our yachts and those that craft them. Keeping Eddie close to the business and a voice of Oyster was priority for me and the brand.”

Following a long-standing relationship with the Oyster brand and a deep-rooted passion for their yachts, Eddie will continue to collaborate with Oyster on a programme of activity to enhance Oyster’s brand awareness globally.

“Having circumnavigated the world on an Oyster, I have a very special relationship with Oyster Yachts. I relished the opportunity to stay closely involved with this truly magical brand and their yachts”, commented Eddie Jordan when asked about the latest arrangement.

Oyster Yachts Eddie Jordan Brand Ambassador v3


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