Oyster Yachts Announces Partnership with B&G

Tuesday, 15th June 2021

Agreement unites two premium brands within the world of sailing, to deliver the ultimate sailing experience.

BG Oyster Yachts Partnership

Oyster Yachts, the leading British manufacturer of the world’s finest bluewater sailing yachts, is pleased to announce its partnership with B&G®, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist. This new partnership means B&G will be the preferred electronics supplier across Oyster’s fleet of 50ft to 120ft sailing boats and the rollout will begin with the new Oyster 495.

Moving forward all Oyster yachts will be equipped with the ultimate B&G sailing technology, as standard factory-fit. There will be a suite of options to choose from including the new Zeus™3S multi-touch sailing chartplotter, the recently launched Nemesis™ intelligent sailing data display, as well as H5000 and Triton2 instrument and autopilot systems. Oyster’s DNA is rooted in over 20 million bluewater sailing miles and over 90 circumnavigations of the globe. Capable of sailing safely anywhere in the world in complete comfort and luxury, we provide owners with life-enhancing experiences. The partnership with B&G means that Oyster customers will now benefit from the very best marine electronics, offering the latest innovations, designed to enhance every owner’s passion for sailing.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Oyster Yachts”, said Alan Davis, EVP B&G. “Oyster and B&G are both premium brands with a strong British heritage, with over 90 years of industry expertise combined. B&G is unique in the world of marine electronics, as every product and feature we develop is focused entirely on sailing. We aim to deliver technology that enhances the time people spend on the water, bringing this to the Oyster fleet will mean that Oyster customers can now enjoy the latest sailing technology on board their luxury yachts.”

Richard Hadida, CEO and Owner of Oyster Yachts commented, “We are delighted to partner with B&G. Their navigation technology meets the same high standards we hold ourselves to, and adds another level of quality to our yachts that sets Oyster apart from the competition. B&G’s navigation products are the perfect match for Oyster’s exceptional build quality and meticulous attention to detail. More than the sum of their parts, our exceptional cruising yachts are the result of years of experience and deep collaboration with partners like B&G who share our obsession with building something great.”

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