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Best of British Brands – "The yacht no owner ever wants to part with"

In March 2018, the entrepreneur Richard Hadida became the proud owner of Oyster Yachts. He was inspired by a life-long love of sailing and a deeply held belief, supported by many in the sailing community, that Oyster yachts are simply the best in the world. Founded in 1973, Oyster has always been an authentically British brand, making it well placed to weather all the political turbulence of the last year. While rooted in Britain, the brand has a truly international clientele and, with a depreciating pound, Oyster yachts are an even more appealing prospect for overseas buyers.

The brand takes pride in contributing to its local economies, employing 290 staff across its shipyards in Southampton and Wroxham and investing substantially in its employees to develop their skills.

Whether circumnavigating the globe, exploring every tiny bay in the Mediterranean or setting off on an epic adventure to a far-flung tropical paradise, Oyster has precisely the right yacht. Comfort and safety are so inherent to the Oyster design that every journey becomes the destination to be shared with family and friends. Oyster builds yachts made to last a lifetime, of such impeccable quality that an Oyster owner will never need to buy another yacht.

‘We are delighted that this is the case, but it does present us with a very peculiar challenge!’ says Richard Hadida. ‘Despite this, existing owners cannot help but be lured by the new range’s features and the continual improvements to design, safety and comfort’.

Oyster Yachts are working on a new integrated tracking system that alerts the Oyster aftercare team to a faulty component before the owner is even aware of it. The freshwater systems have been upgraded to increase shower pressure and produce pure-tasting onboard mineral water. The lighting systems can be controlled through touchscreens and keypads and Oyster has installed all the latest AV, mediaand hi-fi systems. When it comes to interior design, Oyster has embraced the trend of full customisation, so all furniture and fittings are modified to suit every individual.

During the last year, Oyster has launched two new models, extending its range that now stretches from just under 60 feet to 123 feet. There was the launch of the entirely custom made 123-foot Oyster 1225, the ultimate super sailing yacht. Then in May 2019, the new Oyster 565 was launched, sailing under Tower Bridge on the River Thames at sunset as Oyster owners celebrated at a party on the walkways above. At just under 60 foot, the Oyster 565 is an all-ocean yacht for anyone setting out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Oyster’s plan for the years ahead is simple but ambitious: ‘We’re looking forward to 2020. We plan to build a sustainable British company that will be around for years to come,’ says Hadida, ‘and we are optimistic that our impeccable quality, design and safety standards, for which we’re historically renowned, will enable us to do this.’

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