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New Production Investment From Oyster

Oyster Yachts has invested in a bespoke vacuum infusion table which has been installed at the company’s composite technology centre at Ashmanhaugh, Norfolk.

The implementation of the new technology enables Oyster Yachts to carry out all elements of its bluewater yacht manufacturing within its three sites at Ashmanhaugh, Wroxham and Southampton.

The technology will also aid production efficiencies and guarantee quality as shown by the boatbuilders Lloyd’s Register certificate.

“We are delighted to have taken delivery of the vacuum infusion table,” said Matt Francis, head of group operations at Oyster Yachts. “It’s been a three-month project working closely with NORCO, who had to create special tooling in order to manufacture the table to the specifications required."

The 10m by 7m vacuum infusion table is large enough to build the bulkheads for the 1225, the largest yacht in the Oyster range and was designed and built by Poole-based NORCO, a leading company in composites and GRP manufacturing techniques.

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