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Archelon - A Giant Triumph from the British Sailboat Manufacturer Oyster Yachts

It’s not every day you get to see a superyacht off the coast of a pebble beach. When the 37.45-meter long Archelon hull and deck was transported to the sea, people couldn’t stop and admire the view. The vast onlookers meant traffic on the Lee-on-Solent was stagnant. The busy main road along the shoreline of Lee village near the Strait has also been temporarily closed. Archelon's appearance won a lot of attention.

It was a well-planned ceremony: with the first Oyster 1225 (i.e. Archelon) making her way from the shipyard near HMS Daedalus to reach Southampton's Saxon shipyard on the southern coastline of England. 

Archelon’s attention to detail is also reflected in all aspects of the design. In 2018, Richard Hadida bought Oyster Yachts, which opened the new era of yacht building. Archelon belongs to the pioneer camp of the new Oyster sailboat and is the flagship of the new Oyster Yachts range. Richard said: "At that time the first 1225 was built, the Southampton shipyard was almost half-built, and we were with Pendennis (United Kingdom)”. Pendennis shipyard was established in 1989 and is located in Cornwall, south-west England. 

Archelon's signature feature is the fixed bow which gives a sense of strength in her appearance. On the surface, Archelon is the kind of modern yacht that people expect from Oyster with her sloped masts and vertical portholes with sea views. But the performance of the 1225 can’t be underestimated, with great ability to meet every aspiration of her owner's needs. Archelon can also travel anywhere. Whether it's the Greek island in the Mediterranean or the blissful sailing paradise in the Caribbean. The 1225 allows boat owners to enjoy a relaxing adventure - wherever that may be. 

It is not surprising. Archelon has achieved a perfect balance between high performance and easy handling. When greeted by weather between 20 to 25 knots, she will cruise at a speed of 14 to 15 knots. Designer Rob Humphreys said: “Her DNA is similar to that of Oyster 885 as the 1225 also uses dual steering to improve her performance and efficiency. The configuration of the double rudder allows her to maintain a good balance and operation when under pressure. She's a very good all-around player, even though we never wanted to put her in the racer category, I believe that in the regattas she will not be easily defeated.”

Archelon's overall layout is beautiful and smooth. The upper deck stern is equipped with two rudder plates and two driving platforms. Any fitness-loving guests can take out the fitness equipment prepared on board and exercise on deck. The elegant dining area is well protected by a canopy, and further down is the main living room which has a set of casual-style multi-function sofas on the port side. Across the starboard side is a large entertainment area, including a small electric cinema (another small cinema is located in the elegant room on the lower deck). There are two sets of stairs at the entrance to the saloon, which leads down to the accommodation area on the lower deck. All of the rooms onboard Archelon are elegant with the kitchen and crew cabin located in the front at the bow of the yacht. The master room at the stern is spacious and bright, with a lot of natural light from the portholes on the hull and deck, designed with a large private bathroom with a lot of space. The joinery that runs through the cabin is off-white walnut, but in terms of decoration, this is craftsmanship at its finest. Plus, although you may be indoors, the outside view is still very beautiful and you can enjoy the sea view on all sides making it a great place for guests to relax and unwind.