The Voyage of a Lifetime

Oyster Yachts is delighted to announce the fourth Oyster World Rally departing Antigua on 14 January 2024. The Oyster World Rally offers an amazing opportunity for Oyster owners to fulfil their dreams of sailing around the world with the added benefit of a dedicated support team and fellow sailors. Building on the success and experience from previous Oyster World Rallies, we have created a flagship event which really is an adventure of a lifetime!

Dream cruising grounds

The route travels across three oceans, covering 27,000 nautical miles over 16 months, and visits some of the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds. The route is timed precisely to make the most of global weather patterns so participants can experience the best of each location, with plenty of cruising time at the end of each passage. The Oyster team are on hand from the very start, from helping choose the perfect yacht, to making sure crews are fully trained and prepared before leaving. Once underway the yachts will be supported by expert Oyster technical and logistics teams on the ground, allowing participants to make the best use of their time in each destination.

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Places for this unique lap of the planet are limited and are expected to be in high demand. If you are considering joining us for the voyage of a lifetime get in touch and we will help you turn a dream into a reality.


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Entry requirements

First you must own an Oyster Yacht. The Oyster World Rally is exclusive to owners of Oyster yachts. If you don’t already own one, we would be delighted to build you a new luxury sailing yacht in time for the next rally. Alternatively, our Brokerage team can help you find a superb pre-owned Oyster sailing yacht for sale.

The Owner or Skipper and/or at least one member of each crew that is completing the full circumnavigation are required to have:

  • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean (YM theory minimum) (5-day/40-hour course) or equivalent authorised course
  • MCA Medical First Aid at Sea (MFA) (4-day course) or equivalent authorised course
  • SSB/Long Range Radio (GMDSS) suitable operator’s course/licence

Plus, all crew must undertake a 1-Day Sea Survival Course with life raft drill, within 12 months of the Rally start date.

With limited places available, contact us now to avoid disappointment. Sign up now for your adventure of a lifetime!

For more details and to request an Information Pack, please contact us here or talk to our rally team +44-023-8083-1000


"There's only one life, live it!"

“What would I say to someone who’s considering the Oyster World Rally? If you’re available to do it then don’t hesitate, there’s only one life, live it!”

Rob and Jeannette Parkinson – Oyster 575 Tianelle
Oyster World Rally 2017-19

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Rally Route




"Go for it!"

“When we were planning this rally, there were probably 100 reasons why the timing wasn’t perfect. But if you’ve got the time, you’ve got the health and can afford to do it then absolutely, go for it, no question.”

David and Sue Pedley – Oyster 56 Sea Flute
Oyster World Rally 2017-19

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World Class Support

Prior to the rally start, you will undergo in-depth pre-rally training with the Oyster team and Rally partners to ensure you are fully prepared for your adventure. Coupled with the route we have refined over the previous Oyster World rallies, we believe this really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is eminently manageable as you sail around the world with the help and guidance of our full-time dedicated support team, who will be with you every step of the way.


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Pre-rally seminars and training

Training subjects will include:

  • Yacht Preparation
  • Ocean Navigation & Weather
  • Coral Reef Navigation
  • Onboard Systems
  • Downwind Sailing techniques
  • Safety Training
  • Sea Survival
  • Medical Training
  • SSB/Long Range Radio Operators Course
  • Yacht Provisioning

Attendance at the pre-rally seminars and courses is expected, so we can ensure all yachts are fully prepared for the circumnavigation.




"A life changing experience"

“There are so many special moments on the world rally, you had to pinch yourself sometimes to know it was real. It’s a life changing experience – the people you meet, the remote places you visit. You will never get there as a tourist.”

Harvey and Sue Death – Oyster 575 Safiya
Oyster World Rally 2017-19

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Do you have to own an Oyster Yacht to take part?

Yes, you must own an Oyster Yacht to enter the Rally. If you are not yet an owner, we would be delighted to build you a new boat or help you find a brokerage Oyster.

Can you charter an Oyster Yacht for the Oyster World Rally?

We do not allow chartered yachts to enter the Rally, you must own your Oyster yacht.

Can I join for a section of the Rally?

The Oyster World rally is an event that circumnavigates the world. All entries must sign up for the whole rally.

How much does it cost to join the Rally?

The Rally entry fee is calculated according to the length of your yacht. Details of costs can be found in the Notice of Event.

Is there a minimum size limit to participate?

Yes, due to event logistics and yacht average speed, the minimum yacht length that can enter the Oyster World Rally is 45 feet.

When does the next rally start?

The next Oyster World Rally begins on 09 January 2022 from Antigua.

Do you offer any pre-rally training?

Yes, once your entry has been accepted, there is an extensive pre-rally training programme run by our events team and suppliers, as well as regular interactive meetings and social get-togethers.

How long is the Oyster World Rally?

The World Rally lasts for 16 months in total and is designed to make the most of global sailing patterns.

Do you offer support at all the major stopovers?

Yes, a member of each of the Technical and Logistics team will greet the fleet at all major destinations, offering services and support.

Is Oyster’s support team included in the cost?

Yes, Oyster’s dedicated support team is included in the Entry Fee and will be on hand to help you from the moment you sign up, to the day you become a circumnavigator.

How many Oyster World Rallies have there been?

Oyster have run two successful World Rallies in 2013 and 2017, with the next set to go in 2022.


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