Oyster World Rally 2013-2014

6th January - 1st April 2014

Oyster celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2013 and to mark this historic milestone, organised the inaugural Oyster World Rally. Departing on 06 January 2013, 28 Oyster yachts left the Caribbean on this first ever exclusive world rally for Oyster owners. This unique event took the Oyster yachts 27,000nm across some of the world’s greatest oceans.

The route took the Oyster fleet from the Caribbean to the Galapagos via the Panama Canal, and then on to the Marquesas, French Polynesia, Vanuatu and Australia. Sailing up through the Barrier Reef to Indonesia, Cocos Keeling and Cape Town for Christmas 2013. Heading back up the Atlantic to St Helena, Ascension Island and Brazil before arrival back in Antigua in April 2014.

Oyster is industry renowned for delivering the highest level of support to owners and takes great pride in offering exceptional customer service. The support given to the Oyster World Rally was no different. It is just more testing, requiring a dedicated Oyster support team travelling ahead of the rally, on hand at every stopover with an extraordinary depth of technical expertise and local knowledge.

Prior to this first Oyster World Rally, the event managers spent a full two years travelling the route, looking and learning, putting plans in place for every contingency from bureaucratic issues to repair and maintenance,  inward/outward flights and parts supply, safe moorings, local attractions and, of course, perfect party venues.

From this extensive exploring, each participant received an Oyster Rally World Guide, a digest of all that we have learned when sailing around the world, with close to 500 pages of well-researched and up to date information. This guide is a comprehensive study of all of the destinations and practical advice designed precisely for the rally. It is uniquely helpful and very well sought after by owners, even those not taking part in the Oyster rallies!

The personal safety of everybody taking part is always Oyster’s primary concern and the guide also covers issues such as customs and immigration where regulations vary enormously, especially at the more remote locations. With this depth of research we have been able to plan a route that would be virtually impossible for independent yachts. From knowing where to haul boats and find the right engineer, or where to hire bikes to visit local attractions on pre-planned GPS routes, the Oyster team offered more than support … it was almost a global concierge service helping owners and crews achieve the best for themselves and their yachts.

Oyster 54, Pearl of Persia, Andrew Lock

"Well we've done it. It was a bit emotional today, especially when we crossed our original wake near Guadeloupe. We could see Antigua looming in the distance and as the smudge got bigger the feelings inside just grew and grew. This has been an amazing experience and we have made such good friends with other Oyster crews. We have seen them 'without their make-up' so to speak and in those situations, you really get to meet people for who they are.”


Oyster 54, In Flagranti, Lukas Schiesser

"It has been my dream for years to dive with Hammerhead sharks. The Galapagos is one of the few places in the world that these amazing creatures can be seen in abundance, often swimming in huge groups. For me this phenomenon makes the islands the most amazing place on earth."



Entry List
Name Model Hull Number Nationality
Aequitas 47 27 UK
Stiarna 47 34 UK
Amelie 53 51 UK
Wolfhound 54 10 UK
Pearl of Persia 54 12A UK
Om Shanti 54 14 UK
Hedon 54 15 UK
Babe 54 17 UK
In Flagranti 54 18 Switzerland
Crazy Daisy 56 16 UK
Fario 56 17 UK
Mariela 56 53 Germany
Quester 56 55 USA
Chinook 56 21 Canada
Purusha 56 22 UK
Yantina 56 10 UK
Duchess 56 66 Singapore
Dreams Come True 56 37 UK
Spent 56 11 UK
White Chocolate 575 12A Switzerland
Serendipity 575 6 UK
Legend IV 575 14 South Africa
Luna of London 62 11 Germany
Proteus 655 3 UK
Sotto Vento 655 7 UK
Valentine 66 12A South Africa
Pandemonium 82 4 USA
Lush 885 1 Ireland

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