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What types of charters are available?

Oyster Charter provides fully crewed luxury charters exclusively on Oyster yachts, the world's finest bluewater sailing boats.

Is there a minimum charter duration?

Most charters are for seven days, but shorter charters may be possible on request.

How do I find the right charter yacht for me?

Oyster Charter has been running charters for over 25 years. We will work with you to understand your needs and those of your family and guests, as well as the destinations you are interested in visiting. We know Oyster Yachts inside out and will recommend the right yacht for you. We will also create an itinerary to make sure you get the most from every minute of your charter.

Which sailing destinations can I choose from?

We offer charter yachts in most popular sailing spots, from Italy, Spain and Croatia to the Caribbean and US East Coast. See our Charter destination section for more details.

Do all charter yachts accept children?

Yes, all our charters welcome families with children. Some yachts may have an age minimum.

Can I hire a yacht to skipper myself?

No, the crew are part of the charter. As a result, they know the boat inside out and will make sure all you have a fantastic cruise.

What type of activities can I do aboard my yacht?

Our charter fleet carry a range of water sports gear and toys, along with TVs, sound systems and wi-fi. Please see individual listings for an overview of available water sports kit and amenities.

Am I permitted to use the yacht’s water sports toys & SCUBA Equipment?

The water sports toys are there for your enjoyment as part of the charter. It is not possible to dive from most yachts in the fleet. If you wish to SCUBA dive, your crew will arrange diving excursions with local dive companies.

Can I charter an Oyster Yacht even if I can’t sail?

Yes, Oyster Charter yachts are fully crewed by experienced and qualified sailors. If you have experience, that is great but no experience is necessary.

What happens after we book a charter?

Once the booking is confirmed, we will provide a charter preference sheet which will include food preferences and any activities you may wish to do during your charter. This will be sent to the crew who will then contact you to understand your requirements, answer all your questions, offer advice to help you make the most of your cruise, and prepare an itinerary and menus.

Can we make phone calls & receive emails on board, and is there WIFI onboard?

Yes, most yachts will have satellite phones, but charges apply. Personal mobile phones will work when near shore. Wi-Fi is available on some yachts – please check the individual listings to confirm this is the case on your chosen yacht.

Do I need a license or any qualifications to charter an Oyster Yacht?

You do not need a license or sailing qualifications - our crews are all fully qualified and responsible for sailing the yachts.

What role will the crew play?

The crew are there to look after you while you are on your charter. As well as sailing, maintaining the yacht and following your itinerary, they will take care of food, refreshments and anything else you require.

What does the charter rate include?

The charter fee includes the yacht and crew. Additional costs are for shoreside transport, food and beverages, fuel, bar, dockage, port fees, cruising taxes and communications. VAT is applicable in EU countries. A crew gratuity of 10% to 20% of the charter fee is customary at the end of the charter.

How do we pay for the additional costs?

We would collect 25% of the charter fee as an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) to be used towards these expenses. A total summary of expenses will be presented to you by the captain at the end of the charter and any funds remaining would be returned to you.

How do I book and pay for a yacht charter?

Contact Oyster Charter and we will help inform the ideal yacht charter based on your requirements. Once the yacht and location have been decided, we will ask you to sign the charter agreement and a 50% deposit will be due. Six weeks prior to the charter the balance payment, VAT and APA will be due. These funds will be held in an escrow account.

What are your emergency contact details, in the case of an emergency?

Molly Marston is the Oyster Charter emergency contact - you can reach her at [email protected] call +1 401 225 1216


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