New England is the place to sail if you seek stunning sunsets over beautiful yet understated harbours, exhilarating cruising and ultra-friendly locals. A quintessential American summer destination, Newport is a must-visit spot for New England yacht charters, with a race calendar to entice every level of sailor. The salty air provides the perfect backdrop to explore its eclectic range of monuments, festivals and architecture. Meanwhile, Maine is heaven for private sailing charters, with 3,500 miles of glorious coastline. Historic lighthouses invite you to the horizon, whilst over 6,000 lakes and ponds mean this is one region you will never tire of cruising.  



What to expect on New England luxury yacht charters

Those venturing out on New England private sailing charters in the US summer season can expect warm and humid weather. In July, nearly 15 hours of daylight will mean endless hours spent out on the boat or soaking up the sun ashore, while temperatures rise to around 24°C/71.6°F and wind speeds reach up to 5 mph. And as the summer continues, so does the good weather.

One of the world’s favourite sailing destinations, the light winds that blow all year round here will give novice sailors a taste of the freedom and exhilaration a sailing charter provides. However, New England is most popular in July and August, when the seaside towns and cities come alive with culture and all the best lobster bars are open for business.


Sailing New England on an Oyster Yacht

New England yacht charters are best experienced by sailing yacht, with countless coves and stunning harbours that a motorboat simply can’t reach. Oyster private sailing yacht charters offer an unmatched on-the-water vacation, with a knowledgeable crew who will guide you through the area and cater to your every desire. Your perfect US yacht charter awaits.

Explore New England on one of our Oyster sailing yachts for charter, such as the stunning Oyster 625 Black Lion.


Sailing in Newport 

With historic sites hailing back to Newport’s Colonial history, musical and arts festivals that light up the city, incredible beaches for sunbathing and watersports and impressive architecture, Newport is the destination that keeps on giving. Take a walking tour of New England’s Old Quarter and view magnificent mansions in the Bellevue Avenue Historic District. Surf on Easton's Beach before enjoying a relaxed BBQ on its golden sands. Visit one of the 30+ private art galleries the city has to offer.

No Newport charter would be complete without a visit to Martha’s Vineyard, where you’ll be astounded at just how picture-perfect everything is; drink in the brightly-painted seaside cottages and cobblestone streets, and marvel at the pristine beaches at the famous Chappaquiddick Point. After lunch at an elegant dockside bistro, head back to the yacht for some adrenaline-fuelled watersports.

Craving an island escape? Cruise over to Nantucket, where the rich and famous go to while away the summer. Drop anchor and spend the day drinking in its one-of-a-kind history, stopping by the whaling museum. Take a good book to one of the delightfully uncrowded stretches of sand. Enjoy the lively harbourside nightlife with an evening of bar-hopping. All this provides just a taste of all there is to explore for those onboard New England yacht charters.

On land or on water, the best time to vacation here is during the months of July and August, when the city bustles with activity and the weather is reliably and gloriously sunny. Don’t miss the Newport Folk Festival in July and Jazz Festival in August, both of which were established in the 1950s and have been a draw to the city ever since.


Sailing in Maine

Maine is renowned for its dramatic lighthouses, rugged mountains and enchanting sea life, found just 20 miles from the coast. The whale-watching season runs from mid-April to September and captivates thousands on crewed sailing yacht charters with the prospect of sighting humpback whales, pilot whales, minke whales and finback whales, as well as rarer visitors like sei whales, sperm whales, orcas and right whales. When you’ve had your fill of wildlife spotting, sail Maine’s paradisiacal MidCoast and islands. Here you’ll find secluded coves, inviting harbour villages with a view and some of the best lobster you’ll ever taste.

Visit Maine in July and August for the best weather, when temperatures reach up to 25°C/77°F and wildflowers and blueberries shoot out from the bushes, adorning the landscape. These months are typically warm and mild - the perfect climate for outdoor activities and watersports. Hike, camp, swim, water ski, cycle, whitewater raft and kayak the summer away on board a luxury New England yacht charter.

Contact Oyster Charter Manager Molly Marston today to start planning your New England yacht charter.

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