Oyster Celebrates Three New Yacht Sales

Wednesday, 19th December 2018

We are delighted to welcome two new owners to our Oyster Family and congratulate one of our existing owners on the purchase of a new Oyster yacht. This follows our recent sale of three new yachts - an Oyster 565, an Oyster 595, and an Oyster 745 - which will now begin construction across our Wroxham and Southampton sites.

The owners are based both in Britain and further afield, with the Oyster 565 sold to a new UK client, the 595 to a new Finnish customer and the 745 to an existing Oyster owner from Switzerland. Richard Hadida, our CEO, stated his delight at this worldwide selection of clientele, saying: “The international profile of our clients and the fact that three different models have been sold clearly shows the breadth of our offering and our appeal as a British brand in a truly global market. Our yachts are sailed all over the world, and it is gratifying to see that we continue to attract a global audience.” We can’t wait to celebrate with them at this year’s upcoming Oyster events.

Both our Oyster 595 and 565 are a perfect example of the ‘friends-and-family’ yachts that we are famous for, with an ease of sailing that makes handling them between just two people a breeze. Meanwhile the Oyster 745 is a larger and incredibly versatile model, offering the possibility of a crew onboard while still being a joy to sail between a family. It can be optimised for regatta speed or kept for short-handed sailing.  As with all Oyster Luxury sailing yachts, our world-class engineering allows them to safely and comfortably circumnavigate the globe.

The vessels will all receive a Lloyd’s Register EMEA (LR) moulding certificate immediately upon completion, an initiative brought in for all new yachts with the opening of our new in-house Lloyd's Register moulding facility last year, demonstrating our commitment to safety. The Oyster 565 and 595 will be built at our Wroxham site in Norwich, while the 745 will be constructed in our Southampton yard.

Discussing Oyster’s plans for 2019 and beyond, Richard commented: “Our order pipeline is strong, manufacturing is up and running at our Wroxham and Southampton sites and we can’t wait to welcome even more new members into the Oyster Family in 2019.”  We look forward to getting these new yacht builds underway.

January 2019 update: The Oyster 565 launch date has been announced as April this year, meaning she is now nearing completion! Check out her first-look video below.