Oyster Service Means Care-Free Oyster Owners

Legendary Oyster Service

When you invest in an Oyster sailing yacht, you invest in the people that designed her, crafted her and built her. They know her inside out and they will keep her working for you whenever and wherever — Oyster’s service runs wide and deep. Apart from the manufacturing and Oyster Service Centres in the UK, our facility in Palma - the hub of Mediterranean sailing - is second to none. But it’s just part of our global Oyster Service support network -- available worldwide, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Oyster Owners; Join an Exclusive Club 

There is even more to being an Oyster owner though, much more — our legendary Oyster Regattas and Oyster events bring Oyster owners and their families together, with exclusive dinners, parties, racing and new friendships for all of your family. The after-sales Oyster Service, and the Oyster Charter and Oyster Brokerage arms mean an ease of ownership that will surprise those coming from other marques.


Oyster Events 

And then there’s our Oyster World Rally, an incredible opportunity to join that rare band of people that have circumnavigated, and to do it in company with like-minded Oyster owners, fully supported by Oyster people, offering a wide range of Oyster services every step of the way.

It’s a unique mix; the design, craftsmanship and service that will give you a quiet confidence in the boat, the lifestyle, and the choice you made to be an Oyster owner.

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