Oyster Yachts Sailboat Designers at Work

Every Oyster will protect you and those you love in the worst of weather. We make sure that every lovingly crafted centimetre of every yacht is perfectly suited to the job. Oyster’s expert sailboat design, craftsmanship and service mean the confidence to set sail on the longest voyages; to dream dreams and share adventures.

Oyster’s sailboat design excellence flows from Humphreys Yacht Design, one of Britain’s longest established sailing yacht design and naval architecture businesses with a performance and racing pedigree going back to the early 1970s. It’s here that the fundamental sea-kindliness and effortless performance of an Oyster yacht starts; in hull lines, foil design and rig configurations drawn with a combination of the latest technology and a deep and intuitive experience of what works and what doesn’t.

For an added layer of safety in our sailboat designs, we have a partnership with Lloyd’s Register for a certification process that ensures the highest levels of sailing yacht design and build safety. The renowned maritime classification society approves the sailboat design, materials and build quality of all hulls and decks on Oyster yachts. A Lloyd’s Register surveyor inspects all yachts in production once a week, meaning all newly built Oyster sailing yachts immediately carry an LR Moulding certificate upon completion.

The hull design is then handed over to Oyster’s in-house team of sailing yacht builders who style the deck and interior accommodation. They are supported by experienced structural, mechanical and electrical engineers who provide the sort of details that have built Oyster’s reputation as a sailor’s sailing yacht — things like hand-holds right where you need them and mechanical installations that can be serviced and maintained at sea, not just in a boatyard. These are the kind of sailboat design details that make the yacht more sail-able, more live-able, easier to maintain and much, much more comfortable should you ever get caught out in bad weather.