Bow of Oyster Yachts

How about this; a starlit night on an open ocean in your own Oyster yacht. Perhaps surging down a long Atlantic swell, or threading your way through a coral reef to find the perfect sheltered anchorage and a beach where the only footprints belong to turtles.

These are the kinds of places and the adventures that your Oyster yacht will take you to – places where amazing moments happen. Cast off the mooring lines, nose out of a harbour into a building breeze and know that you could sail anywhere.

To the places where Oyster moments happen; moments that renew the very special connections that you have with your family and friends, moments of shared adventure, moments to treasure.

At Oyster, we build the world’s finest bluewater sailing yachts. Stunning, luxurious, immensely capable yachts that sail to far flung places to experience life at a different level.

Our owners take immense pride in their Oyster yachts, in each other, in the family that we’ve created together... of Oyster yachts, Oyster owners and our team within Oyster.  

Your Oyster yacht is waiting for you! 

“We created this incredible family of cruising yachts... People get all sorts of different things from their Oyster yachts, for some people it is literally their home. Others it’s a second home. Others it’s something to socialise and have fun with, for some it’s to do blue water sailing and even sail around the world. They are adding to this club, there are now 90 Oyster yacht owners who have circumnavigated. Oyster is a team of ordinary people, who worked together and created Oyster, an extraordinary company.”

Sir Richard Matthews, Oyster’s founder.

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