Richard Hadid on Oyster 885 Luxury Sailboat Lush

Welcome to Oyster

Welcome to Oyster, I’ve been a proud Oyster owner for some time, and now I’ve been given the opportunity to guide and nurture this incredible company into the future.

I love our Oyster 885 ‘Lush’ - my kids love her and we’ve got so many memories that we have created on our yacht. She’s our escape; she takes us places we would never go otherwise, it’s made the world real and vivid for my children and provided us with endless unique experiences.

When you bring your family to join ours here at Oyster, be assured that we do everything in our power to take care of you and the ones you love. We believe our yachts are quite simply the best blue water sailing yachts; from their design through their build to the support and service you will receive. Everyone in our special team within Oyster prides themselves on providing a world-class service and experience. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your Oyster adventures.

Richard Hadida - CEO and Owner Oyster Yachts

Sailboat Design by Oyster Sailing Yacht Builders

Oyster Design

At Oyster, we’ve spent more than four decades refining our sailboat designs to create what we believe are the finest blue water sailing yachts in the world. It means that you can sail your Oyster yacht safe in the knowledge that she will take care of you.

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Oyster Luxury Sailboat in the Distance

Be Oyster

Are you searching for something beyond the everyday?

Is it time to escape, explore and experience the world?

What does it feel like to have the freedom that only an Oyster can give you?

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Oyster Yachts Sailing Yacht Builder

Oyster service, Oyster family

When you invest in your Oyster blue water sailing yacht, you invest in the people that designed her, crafted her and built her.

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Close Up of Oyster Yachts Luxury Sailboat in Construction

Oyster craftsmanship

Oyster Yachts are created in the United Kingdom by master craftsmen. Learn more about how our luxury sailboats are built on the foundation of quality.

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